Kiko Mizuhara Style: Capturing The Look of a Fashion Icon

Whether they like her or not, fans of the Attack on Titan live-action film or G-Dragon will probably know Kiko Mizuhara. The 24-year-old model/actress was born in Texas under the name Audrie Noriko Daniel, moved to Japan at the age of 2 and by the age of 12 had graced Seventeen magazine.

Of American/Zainichi (Korean resident in Japan) descent, Kiko is favored by fashion magazines from both the East and the West, and has been a cover girl for Nylon, Numero, Vivi, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. She’s also a Chanel ambassador and has collaborated with Opening Ceremony to design clothes worn by Rihanna and Beyonce.

Many love Kiko for her big smile, high-end affiliations and Harajuku mix-and-match, and over the years she’s successfully established herself in the fashion industry. Let’s learn from her style!

All images via Tumblr

Barely-There Makeup

Born with a Eurasian face, Kiko is gifted with plump lips and a lovely smile. Her makeup usually focuses on the lips, using mainly soft pink but sometimes red lipstick to draw attention. Her eye shadow is usually taupe or none, with natural-looking lashes, occasional shimmery highlights and sometimes a little emphasis on the brows. Dark eye shadows like blue or red tend to dilute her unique features and make her look too old for her age. Neither are blush or cat’s eye her cup of tea – she’d look too ridiculous or pretentious.


Kiko can no doubt handle baseball caps, fedoras and beanies, but berets are really the best complement to her iconic one-length hair and oval face. Berets have an artistic flair when worn tilted and a military vibe when worn flat. For Kiko, berets give a highlighting effect without being too overwhelming.

Boyfriend Style

Arguably, Kiko’s best features are her androgynous face and body – though undeniably girlish, she has flat cheekbones, a small bust and a skinny figure, which allow her to master boyish outfits like pullovers, oversized sweaters, denim and sneakers. These are balanced by feminine elements such as mini-skirts, bandeaus or earrings to make her look effortlessly cool. Approachable and achievable, this style fits the archetype of the cheerful but independent girl next door.

Sports Luxe

Whether on or off camera, Kiko seems to enjoy street-style mix-and-match. She was one of the first celebrities seen wearing socks with sandals, heels or boots. Her favorite fashion items include a crop top with a high waist bottom, a shift dress, a crossbody bag and sneakers.

Occasional Femininity

Even Agyness Deyn will agree that a celebrity (or any ordinary person, actually) has to prepare for formal occasions at which jeans and caps simply won’t work. Luckily Kiko is versatile enough for floral print dresses, collared dresses, and bodycon and bare-back designs. Like many Asian actresses, she tends to stick with a black-and-red ensemble, wearing black and contrasting it with a bold red lipstick. The look works particularly well with her iconic sleek dark hair. And because she’s normally portrayed as the girl next door, her feminine looks become even more attention-grabbing. Try not wearing makeup or dresses for a week and you’ll be surprised how much everyone compliments you when you appear one day looking slightly better dressed!

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