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Puss in Boots from Shrek

Won’t you give cat ladies a chance?
Starring Puss in Boots from “Shrek”

When we think of a “cat lady,” it’s the image of a grumpy woman with frumpy clothing, crazy hair, a house full of weird cat-related knick-knacks, and a lot of cats for company. These days, the negative reputation of cat ladies is changing. Say goodbye to the unappealing clothing and haphazard collection of anything with ears and a tail. Instead, put your paws in the air and say hello to a new breed of women who take their cues from a cat’s independent and assertive personality, quirky humor, sweet playfulness, and of course, the effortless cuteness. They’re younger, more hip, more self-aware and accepting of their feline-fueled uniqueness. Welcome the new cute and cool cat lady!

It’s all in the face
Who can resist the allure of those pointy ears, button nose, twitching whiskers and eyes that can go from curious to naughty in a split second? A cat’s face reflects its mood, and for cat ladies, wearing cat-themed fashion is the perfect canvas for showcasing theirs. Whether rendered only in a few artsy, seemingly hand-drawn lines on a T-shirt, in full photographic splendor on a classy blouse, or just a mere silhouette on a cozy knit sweater, a feline face is an instant attention-getter, conversation-starter and one of the best mood-boosters. It showcases your fun side without requiring that you speak a word. You wear cat, you are cool cat.

Cat Print PulloverCat Print Sleeveless ShirtdressCat Print T-ShirtCat Knit Sweater

Cat Print Hooded Pullover, 59 Seconds | Sleeveless Cat Print Shirtdress, CLICK
Short-Sleeved Cat Print T-Shirt, Adima | Cat Print Marled Knit Sweater, 59 Seconds

Hooded Cat CapeCat Print Jacquard DressLong-Sleeved Cat Print ShirtSailor Collar Cat Cardigan

Cat Applique Fleece-Lined Hooded Cape, Fairyland | Sleeveless Jacquard Print Dress, Rainbeam
Long-Sleeved Cat Print Shirt, Fairyland | Sailor Collar Cat-Embroidered Cardigan

Sartorial subtlety is your middle name
Unlike dogs, cats have subterfuge down to an art, and with an aloof, regal air. They’re not the type that always wants to be front and center – they’d rather observe carefully from the sidelines. But when they’re ready to make a statement, watch out! YesStyle’s super popular cat print tights lead the pack, and just in time for fall and winter too. For summer and springtime, flats, sneakers and slip-ons are great essentials, with the cat-embroidered flats looking supremely elegant with a floral tea dress or with shorts.

Cat Print TightsCat Print TightsFaux Suede Cat Embroidered FlatsCat Print Espadrille Sneakers

Cat Print Tights, 59 Seconds | Cat Print Tights, 59 Seconds
Embroidered Cat Faux Suede Flats, yeswalker | Cat Print Espadrille Sneakers, yeswalker

Meowing for something more minimalist and tasteful? Look to accessories for a little playfulness. It can be a pair of cat earrings and a matching pendant necklace, or a pair of retro cat’s eye sunglasses for a great throwback OOTD with a twist.

Metal Temple Cat's-Eye Sunglasses
Rhinestone Cat Earrings
Cat's-Eye Round Sunglasses
Crystal Cat Necklace

Rhinestone Cat Earrings, Best Jewellery | Cat Eye Round Sunglasses
Crystal Cat Necklace, Best Jewellery | Metal Temple Cat Eyes Sunglasses

Practical and perfect in every way!
Cats are paragons of practicality. They know the best sleeping spots in the house (the microwave, the couch, your pillow, the dog’s bed) and the value of getting a lot of mileage out of them. It’s only right that any self-respecting cat lady would also be sensible when it comes to everyday essentials.

Got a lot of stuff to carry for school? Get a backpack, but one with a cat-face patch for that touch of whimsy. Too many coins, or carry a lot of cards and cash? Wallets and coin purses are the answer but of course, they have to look cute so you can spot them in your bag easily. No plain sticky notes, key chains or phone cases for the fashion-purr-ward cat lady either. It has to be special, unique and distinctive. What cat lady can resist the appeal of a pouch showing Choo Choo Dolly in her Red Riding Hood finery?

Cat Ear Backpack
Choo Choo Dolly Cat Pouch
Cat Coin Purse
Cat Long Wallet

Cat Ear Backpack, Top Seeka | “Choo Choo Dolly” Cat Series Pouch Ver.2, BABOSARANG
Cat Coin Purse, Momoi | Cat Applique Long Wallet, Rinka Doll

And of course, every cat lady should make room for sticky notes in the form of tiny cats in boxes, and ceramic chopstick rests that look like snoozing kitties. Why? Because they’re cute and cool, and because we said so. Cat ladies rule!

Cat Sticky NotesCat Key RingCat Chopsticks Rest

Set of 5: Cat Sticky Notes, LIFE STORY | Cat Key Ring, Yulu | Set of 6: Cat Chopsticks Rest, Cute Essentials

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