Peripera Peri’s Tint Water (Set of 4) Review

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After finally trying mascara, I decided to up my game and go for a hint of color. Peripera’s Peri’s Tint Water is right up my alley since as it’s basically a lip and cheek stain in four cute bottles and shades.

This set is the original combo of four adorable 6.5ml bottles in Cherry Juice, Pink Juice, Mandarin Juice and Orange Juice that retails for US$28.41. The watery, lightweight tints easily create buildable coverage on the lips and cheeks, ranging from a light, barely-there touch to a blushing, rosy look. As a wash-and-wear kind of girl, I immediately liked this set because I figured it would barely make a dent in my nearly non-existent makeup routine.

Gimme some lip!
Peri’s Tint Water is pretty much the same as most lip and cheek stains. The cute and tiny bottles with the Mari Kim-designed caps come with a doe foot applicator that makes daubing easier. However, I prefer to use (clean) fingertips to avoid contaminating the tip.

Some of the colors might end up too vivid or barely visible depending on your skin tone. The Cherry Juice and Pink Juice look more deep purple and deep red to me but ended up reddish-pink on my lips. The Mandarin Juice and Orange weren’t a good match though which was rather disappointing.

It’s all about juicing these days. On top, Cherry Juice, Pink Juice. Below, Mandarin Juice and Orange Juice.

Mandarin and Orange JuiceCherry JuicePink Juice

(Left) Mandarin and Orange Juice combined makes it look like I’ve been sucking orange-flavored lollipops all day.
Middle, Cherry Juice. Right, Pink Juice

The Tint Water is a good way to try the gradient lip trend especially if you’re new to the game like me. Since the texture is watery, you can go from a light and subtle tinge on your lips to a full-on, pin-up pucker just by applying any number of coats. You can also add a little lip balm or even a light coat lipstick for a more vivid, long-lasting color.

Gimme some cheek!
Despite having owned several types of blush over the years, I didn’t use it much, mostly because I was afraid it would emphasize my acne patches and scars. Now that my face has relatively cleared up, I’m really relishing how nice the Tint Water looks on my healed skin.

Over the four weeks of road-testing all four bottles, I found myself using the Cherry and Pink Juice on my cheeks more often to match my lips. On the other hand, I discovered by accident that the Mandarin Juice doesn’t look too bad when I use this BB cream that’s one shade darker than my skin. The conclusion is that I think the Mandarin and Orange Juice might be more suitable for those with medium to deeper skin tones to achieve a slightly bronzed effect.

Using the doe foot applicator, the watery texture makes it easy to go from sheer to opaque with just several coats.
They dry really quickly too!

Applied on top of primer, or just with BB cream/cushion or powder foundation, the cheek stain adds a natural highlight on my round face. The color also lasts longer on my face than on my lips most likely because I drink a lot of water throughout the day. It takes less than 3 hours for it to completely disappear from my lips. On my face, however, it lasts about 3-4 hours before oiliness takes over and I have to reapply powder again.

Overall, this four-bottle set offers a great value for money and will last you for months. No more clowning around with blushes for this makeup newbie!

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