AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Review

The YS Beauty Lab

Now that I’ve got my HG sunscreen and toner, it’s time to search for moisturizers and serums, especially with fall and winter approaching. This time I’m trying AHAVA’s Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate.

Headquartered in Israel, AHAVA extracts ECOCERT-certified minerals, mud, salt and plants from the Dead Sea to produce a range of anti-aging skincare that’s free from parabens, synthetic ingredients, GMOs, sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) or sodium lauryl ethyl sulfates (SELS), and animal testing. All products are allergy-tested, making them a great potential match for my sensitive skin.

All AHAVA products contain Osmoter, a patented concentrate with a good mix of Dead Sea minerals such as magnesium, calcium and other positive ions that naturally pump moisture and nutrients from the depths of skin to the surface where they’re most needed.

The Dead Sea Osmoter Superserum Trio includes 3 products catering to the face, eyes and body respectively. I chose the face serum since face matters, and mine is flaky, reddish and scarred.

Coupled with the power of brown algae, the Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate promises to rehydrate, illuminate and recharge skin. You can find its ingredient list at the official website.

The package comes with a multi-language catalogue

Enough with the theories. Find out the results of my road test!

The Packaging:

The packaging was very pretty. Reminiscent of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, the glass bottle plays with the sophisticated brown and gold colors. The shimmering background, embossed logo and matte brown cap make it look ultimately expensive (though it’s not!).

The Scent:

The scent is synthetic but unnoticeable – which is good. It didn’t turn me on or put me off.

Color and Texture:

Like most serums, the concentrate is viscous and has a hint of yellow (applied on cotton pad for reference). It’s non-sticky, smooth on the skin and absorbs immediately. In fact, the serum is so fast-absorbing that most of it was gone before I could put this cotton pad on my face. Thus it’s better to apply a little directly on your palms and pat it on your face.

Anti-Aging Properties:

I wouldn’t say it’s the most hydrating serum in the world, but it does help to moisturize skin and refine pores. After using 2-3 pumps every night before bed for two weeks, my skin is now more supple, smoother and tighter. There are also less fine lines.

The suggested dosage is once every morning and night, but I have combination skin so I decided to start with a smaller dosage. (I also wanted to make the bottle last longer!) It feels weightless on the skin so I believe it would be good as a morning serum too.

Illuminating Properties:

The serum does an AMAZING job of clarifying skin. After two weeks, the reddish blemishes on my skin are lessened. To my delight, it doesn’t make skin look whiter, but clearer and more radiant.

The Verdict:

The best thing about AHAVA’s Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate is that it’s 100% non-irritating to my sensitive skin. So every night I put it on, I feel confident that my skin can only get better the next day. At US$46.46/ 30ml, this serum is money well spent. Trust me, you’ll get addicted.