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It’s the first day of school and you’d like to seem a few inches taller without looking overdressed. You need a comfortable pair of shoes that make a youthful statement while also allowing you to roam freely in and out of campus. What do you wear? A pair of platform shoes!

Hope you’re not thinking about these:
Vivienne Westwood’s 9-inch platforms which were the culprit of Naomi Campbell’s epic runway fall back in 1993 (left), Noritaka Tatehana’s heel-less heels in 2013 (middle), or Alexander McQueen armadillo heels in 2009 (right). Ours are much more feet-friendly!
(Images: Vogue, The Ground Mag, Tumblr)

Unlike the designer shoes seen in music videos or catwalks, the platform shoes on YesStyle are much easier for wearing and pairing. Renben is a platform sneaker brand known for its ultra-comfortable hidden wedge platform sneakers with canvas uppers and slip-resistant soles. Southbay Shoes offers stylish platform sandals, slip-ons, sneakers, brogues and boots. Below are our bestselling platform styles:


Platform sneakers give you comfort, protection and increased height. Look even taller with hidden wedge sneakers featuring padded insoles that secretly boost your height and confidence without making your feet look heavy and unbalanced. The soles are made of lightweight and durable material, so it’s perfectly fine to run errands in these shoes. Give in to your sporty side by pairing your platform sneakers with a beanie, a bomber jacket and jogger pants.

Canvas Platform Sneakers from Renben
Hidden Wedge Platform Sneakers from Renben
Canvas Platform Sneakers from Solejoy


Sporty sandals are all the rage now! If you haven’t read our post on how to wear socks with sandals, at least wear sandals the traditional way, i.e., baring your pedicured toes. You can also opt for more girly strappy sandals and let the ridged chunky heels add an architectural element to your outfit. To amp it up a bit, try mixing the sandals with more sophisticated pieces from your winter wardrobe, such as a trench coat, a turtleneck and cigarette pants.

Chunky Heel Platform Sandals from SouthBay Shoes
Two-Tone Platform Sandals from Amy Shoes
Velcro Ankle Strap Platform Sandals from QQ Trend


Nothing says preppy better than a pair of oxfords. These faux-leather shoes add gravitas to your daily look with their sturdy construction and thick outsoles. Like pumps, you can wear almost anything with them: dresses, leggings or pants; long, short or mid-length. You’ll be surprised by the comfort they offer despite elevating you to incredible heights. Thanks to the platform sole, your feet don’t have to arch and bend to fit in.

Platform Oxfords from Charming Kicks
Platform Oxfords from Shoes Galore
Platform Derbies from Southbay Shoes


Channel your inner rock star or pull off minimalist chic with a pair of black platform ankle boots. Many of these come with a side or back-zip closure, allowing you to get ready in a jiffy. Most importantly, these shoes elevate your feet and provide a firm grip on the floor for rainy days! Style yours with a cropped leather jacket, ripped jeans and tee. Add baubles to glam it up.

Buckled Platform Ankle Boots from Southbay Shoes
Zip-Up Platform Ankle Boots from Gizmal Boots
Lace-Up Platform Short Boots from JY Shoes

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