Faith in Face Eye Am Not Tired Eye Patch Review

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My most recent personal purchases at YesStyle have been beauty products. Most of them have been highly influenced by customer reviews as well as feedback from my colleague Maureen about her experiences when she does her own road-testing for The YesStyle Beauty Lab. Yes, we do compare notes about the products we try!

If I had eyelashes like that, maybe people won’t notice my dark eye circles.
(All graphics from Faith in Face.)

The latest addition to my stash is a familiar brand, Faith in Face, which is fast becoming a favorite among YesStyle’s customers. I previously tried their After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask with satisfactory results more than a year ago, and now I just finished using their Eye Am Not Tired Eye Patch.

Eye Am Not A Panda!
The box contains four pairs of eye patches, each in its own little foil packet. The entire box retails for US$10.90, which I’m not really sure is a good deal as there are other brands that offer more masks for about the same price.

However, if there’s anything that Faith in Face never scrimps on, it’s the amount of fluid or essence that goes into their facial sheet masks and eye masks. Just like the After Shower versions, these kidney-shaped eye masks are practically soaked in essence enriched with broccoli (“to revive skin around the eyes”) and walnut (“to increase gleam and firmness [sic]“) extracts, along with “eyebright herbs notorious for being good for the eyes” and flaxseed that purportedly helps to brighten skin.

Ultimately, the goal is – according to their rather eye-catching and vintage-style creatives on the packaging – to “prevent your panda look” and “looser [sic]” look. Points for the cute design, but I’ll give them a C for the not-so-encouraging messages (no panda wants to be called a loser).

More Than a Four-Patch Problem
In my review for the After Shower Look Hydrogel Masks last year, I stated that putting on the sheet mask was a comedy of errors. This time I’m starting to develop a comedy routine for Faith In Face masks.

To make the story short, I fell asleep while the first pair of eye patches I was testing was still stuck on my face. After turning my bed inside out and checking my clothes and the bathroom for three weeks, I still haven’t found those patches. What if I accidentally swallowed them in my sleep? At least I’m sure my tummy will not have a panda look.

Time to sleep early to avoid looking like a “loser” according to this brand.

I’ve used three of the four sets once a week for almost a month and I really didn’t see any remarkable difference in my eye area. They do feel nice on my skin since they’re cool and soaked in essence, which means you can wear them for over an hour. Then again, my eye bags and dark circles are practically designer, so I think I will have to use patches every single day if I really want a significant change to happen.

In a pinch, these patches will certainly bring down the swelling and brighten your eye area a little bit after an all-nighter (party, work, or just bingeing on Netflix or K-dramas) so that you can look at least passably human the next day. But if you’re looking for a more long-term solution, going to bed earlier, getting at least seven hours of sleep, and using eye cream and those cool gel masks may prove to be better.

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