Trendspotting | The New Sock Trends: Yay or Nay?

Summer is the best time to wear sandals, which conventionally means you shouldn’t wear socks. However as fashion trends continue to evolve, new light has been shed on socks and their use, which includes wearing them with sandals, or wearing a pair that doesn’t match.

Whether you want to make a statement, make a change, or simply make better use of your socks, look into your sock drawer and see if you are ready to wear them in the following ways:

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US sock brand Stance Socks has been collaborating with celebrities like Rihanna and NBA player Dwyane Wade to launch highly stylized sock collections.
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Taylor Swift knows a trick or two on how to wear thigh-high socks with heels.
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1. Mismatched Socks
We’ve seen quite a number of mismatched earrings at spring/summer catwalk shows. The mismatched trend extends beyond baubles but people who’ve wanted to wear non-matching socks have been doing so way before it became cool. Nowadays, it’s only become more acceptable to do so.

So why were we afraid of mismatching? It could be an inclination towards conventional aesthetics and social norm, peer pressure, or we’re just too lazy to mix and match.

Mismatched socks defy the beauty of symmetry and are a good way to make a statement, plus you save time sorting laundry. By treating your socks as single entities, you can now utilize those leftover widows, widowers and orphans by matching them with other singles. Also, you don’t necessarily need to buy new pairs – simply shuffle your existing collection for some new and exciting combinations!

While matched socks are no-brainers, mismatching actually requires more effort and fashion sense:

• To begin with, buy a few pairs of low-cut socks of the same design and similar colors (e.g. black + navy, red + brown). Wear the mismatched pairs under long pants or dresses to get a feel for them.
• Once you’re used to the idea, wear shorts or mini skirts to show them off.
• Finally, make mismatching the centerpiece of your outfit by wearing brightly patterned ankle or thigh-high socks.
• It would be nice to create a conversational piece with your socks (e.g., rabbit + carrot, cat + fish).

Meanwhile, it’s wise to avoid wearing two socks of different lengths or styles (e.g. lace + argyle). That’s just plain weird.

2. Socks + Sandals
The mismatched socks trend may ease your laundry duties, but the socks and sandals trend may not help. Remember when Crocs were considered the ugliest shoe ever invented? They’re now side by side with Hunter wellies as the best rainy day option. Strange as it may seem, the weird combo of socks and sandals can work, if you know how to wear them.

• Go monochromatic. This blurs the line between your socks and shoes, blending them into a solid but layered fashion piece on your feet. It’s safe to begin with the color black. Amp up their cred with a leather-style jacket or short shorts.
• Wear white, nude, frilled, lace or sheer socks with neutral-colored T-strap sandals. Pair them with a boho dress to keep it classy and feminine.
• Pair black socks with peep-toe boots, Birkenstocks or gladiator sandals. They provide more coverage than other similar styles and make you feel less awkward.
• Flip-flops and toe-ring sandals go with toe socks or ninja socks. In these cases, follow the Japanese style by wearing printed harem pants or gaucho pants.
• If you’ve picked a pair of patterned socks, balance them with monochrome sandals and vice versa.

For starters, stick with ankle-length to mid-calf socks, but feel free to venture into other lengths once you’ve mastered that skill.

3. Socks + Heels
This trend should be the easiest to manage. Thigh-high or over-the-knee socks and heels mean elongation of legs. You’ll have a lot to borrow from Taylor Swift, who matches thigh-high socks with chunky-heeled mules and heeled oxfords seamlessly for sexy, preppy looks.

Lace-up boots are the easiest to match with long socks, but also try platform Mary Janes, heeled pumps and loafers. Actually, everything heeled is worth trying.

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