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Whether you’re in school, doing an internship or working at your first job, the right bag can make a huge impact on your everyday practical and style considerations. Nothing beats a stylish backpack that can hold what you need for the day (or the weekend), is easy to carry around, and still looks fabulous enough to go with your outfit.

YesStyle’s extensive selection of backpacks caters not only to students but also ladies who prefer a versatile carryall for 9 to 5 and beyond. Is it better to choose canvas over leather or faux leather? How many pockets are too many pockets? (Answer: None)

We’ve carefully sorted out YesStyle’s most popular and bestselling backpacks – in various materials and designs ranging from oh-so-cute to downright elegant and professional – for your pleasure and perusal.

What you want: Cuteness, Color and Capacity
School means books and more books. While there’s only so much you can fit into your school locker, your backpack has the gargantuan duty of carrying your academic burden every single day. But there’s certainly no reason to settle for a plain and dull backpack when you can choose one that’s more visually appealing and also spacious enough for your needs.

Fourone backpackMr.ace Homme backpackCanvas Love backpackCanvas Love backpack

Clockwise, from lower left: Canvas Love backpack, Parisian-style, Fourone backpack with contrast trim, Mr.ace Homme backpack with faux leather trim, and Canvas Love backpack with dots, bow and lace

• The rectangular Mr.ace Homme backpack with its handsome faux leather trim takes the top spot with 107 customer reviews and a 94.9% rating. It may not fit everything including the kitchen sink but the sizable outer pockets do make a huge difference.

Fourone’s backpack earns a 100% rating from customers for its clever use of contrast and pattern, its visual appeal and spaciousness, and the extra straps that buckle around the waist for extra support.

Canvas Love earns points for its unique design featuring Parisian landmarks on the flap, making it a picture-perfect essential for days when you only need the minimum.

• Another popular essential from Canvas Love is this version adorned with polka dots, a bow and lace. Girliness to the max!

What you want: Style, Space and Flexibility
Once you hit college, it’s a whole new ball game. Your schedule is more flexible (and hopefully lighter), allowing for the occasional part-time job, more extra-curricular activities, and yes, socializing (aka parties). It only follows that your backpack should be as versatile, and able to keep up with the demands of the day while still scoring high on the sartorial scale.

Mr.ace Homme backpackBeiBaoBao Two-Tone BackpackBeiBaoBao Square BackpackBeiBaoBao Backpack with Wings

Clockwise, from lower left: BeiBaoBao square backpack, Mr.ace Homme, BeiBaoBao two-tone Backpack, and BeiBaoBao backpack with wings

• The Mr.ace Homme backpack is neutrally elegant enough to easily transition you from high school to university thanks to its wide range of colors offset by the chic faux leather trim. The larger compartment means better accommodation for more items including a cardigan, jacket or extra shoes when you need it.

• BeiBaoBao has several winners in this category, starting with the two-tone backpack with 134 reviews and 100% customer satisfaction. Fitted with a top handle as well as the conventional shoulder straps, the backpack is cited by most reviewers for its roomy main compartment, which is good enough for a couple of books, a small laptop or tablet, notes and smaller items.

• This more grown-up version of the Japanese school children’s randoseru comes with a similar boxy shape and flap cover. The square shape gives it a more structured look and, according to reviews, can fit a smaller MacBook or tablet as well as A4-size notebooks or folders.

• This popular winged backpack is the most kawaii in YesStyle’s backpack catalog, with 154 reviews and a 100% satisfaction rating. How can you not love the detachable wings that easily snap on the front? While it may not have outer pockets, the compact size and rounded top make it truly elegant and cute enough to carry to a date or party!

What you want: Professional Elegance
A backpack is a great alternative to the usual tote for work. Aside from offering a hands-free option and better weight distribution on the shoulders, office backpacks can look just as chic as a designer handbag. A leather or faux leather finish is a must especially if one must follow a dress code at work. The selections below are stylish enough for the boardroom, breakfast meetings and casual Fridays. We have versions that can be converted into shoulder bags just by switching the straps around – perfect for weekend jaunts!

BeiBaoBao backpack
YouShine backpack
BeiBaoBao backpack

Clockwise, left: BeiBaoBao backpack, YouShine crisscross strap backpack, BeiBaoBao convertible backpack

YouShine’s backpack is enthralling with its very minimalist construction and design featuring a single outer pocket and gold-tone hardware. The criss-cross straps in front give it a playful finish.

• Customer favorite BeiBaoBao offers this faux leather version with a top handle and straps and available in warm earth tones plus black and navy blue – a perfect fit for the office. The gold buckles, zips and plate can complement your accessories in a subtle yet elegant way.

• This compact and convertible version – also from BeiBaoBao – is definitely more hip and more square. The single vertical outer zip teases the eye while the straps attach and detach via lobster clasps so carrying it as a shoulder bag is easy-breezy.

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