K-Drama Fashion | Kang So Ra’s Style from “Warm and Cozy”

Ever dream of leaving it all behind and moving to a faraway island to start over? That’s exactly what the heroine of Korean TV series Warm and Cozy does. Currently airing on MBC, the drama stars Kang So Ra as Lee Jung Joo, a young woman who moves to a small town in Jeju, an island off Korea’s southern coast, after experiencing job loss and burnout in Seoul. In the quiet picturesque town, she starts anew managing a seaside restaurant with the immature owner and chef, played by Yoo Yeon Seok.

Jeju is no vacation for Jung Joo. This island girl is off the beaten path and still has a day job, so her wardrobe is both breezy and practical. Here are some basic pieces to get Lee Jung Joo’s light and clean-cut style that’s fit for both a stroll by the sea and a long day’s work!

Classic White Shirt
It’s hard to go wrong with a classic white shirt, and Jung Joo sports it in many different variations. While at her thankless job in the city, she wears the standard collared blouse, but once she’s out in Jeju, she breaks out lighter and looser styles. Lose the long sleeves and button-down for a split-neck, tab-sleeved linen or chiffon shirt that keeps you both cool and professional in the heat. For a more girlish look, go for a blouse with a mandarin collar and lace or embroidery details, or add a subtle funky touch with unexpected details like an asymmetric hem or colorful buttons. The best thing about a white shirt: it goes with just about everything so it’ll fit right into your wardrobe, no matter the style.

Flowers and Foliage
As one of Korea’s most popular tourist destinations, Jeju is famous for many beautiful natural sights, including its endless fields of rapeseed flowers. Kang So Ra shot some gorgeous promotional stills in which she stands amid a yellow-dotted sea of flowers in a sleeveless A-line dress with earthy patterns and colors. For days when you too would like to dress up and go frolicking among blossoms (or take a walk in the botanical garden), try an olive or pine green dress with leafy and floral prints and pair with beige or tan sandals. The neutral nature-inspired colors and complementary prints will make you look right at home in a field of flowers.

Denim Overalls
Overalls have been experiencing a fashion renaissance lately, and you can easily get onboard the trend without thinking too much about the styling. Just trade in a pair of blue jeans for comfy denim overalls, and you’ll be looking youthful, sporty and ready to get down to work. Pair with sneakers and a simple shirt, roll up the legs and you’re good to go. In the spring and summer, you can also opt for something shorter and more playful like short overalls or a jumper dress.

That’s a Wrap
Jung Joo keeps it mostly simple on the accessories end – she’s in the food service industry, after all – but one pretty and functional accessory she does wear often is the hair band. Besides keeping those pesky strands off your face in the hot weather, a hair band also offers a quick way to add color and character to a casual get-up. For a dash of cute, twist and tie a wire hair band into a perky bow or rabbit ears.

Warm and Cozy soundtrack is available on YesAsia.com.

Warm and Cozy OST

Drama stills are from MBC’s official website.