The Tokyo Trend Report | Summer Must-Haves from ViVi July 2015

Summer is officially here! To get ready for the lovely season of the sun, I’ve been on the lookout for summer’s top trends, and here are five spotted in the July 2015 issue of Japanese fashion magazine ViVi.

Off-Shoulder Tops
One of the must-have pieces of the season is the off-shoulder top. The surprisingly versatile piece has the uncanny ability to look great with all kinds of bottoms. For the classic night-out-about-town look, pair the top with a slinky pencil skirt and pumps. During the day, an off-shoulder top can be paired with denim shorts or an A-line skirt for a flirty look. If “relaxed grown-up” is more your style, try pairing the top with another 2015 must-have item, the wide-leg pants.

Wide-Leg Jumpsuits
Speaking of the wide-leg phenomenon, here’s a new entry in its ever-expanding fashion family. Perfect for lazy summer mornings when you just want to throw something on after rolling out of bed, wide-leg jumpsuits nevertheless project the very picture of sophistication – not to mention the fact that they’re great for making legs look longer. For a laidback look, pair the jumpsuit with a pair of sneakers, while adding a hat and sandals would make for the perfect resort-style outfit. If you want to double down with the elegance, go for a headband and a clutch.

Sleeveless Knit Tops
A more mature cousin to the humble cotton tank, the sleeveless knit top is proving popular with ladies looking for something just a little different this summer. Paired with flowy bottoms like a tulle skirt, a maxi skirt or (once again) wide-leg pants, a sleeveless knit top can form an understated yet interesting outfit that pops with contrast.

High Slits
Who was it who said sexiness is all in the mystery? That person must have had slit detailing in mind. Not only are pieces with slits perfect for the summer because of their cooling factor, they’re also incredibly stylish and, of course, undeniably sexy.

Loose-Fit Denim Shorts
Tight denim short shorts have practically dominated summer wardrobes for the past decade. The time is ripe for a new front to be opened in the denim-shorts boom, and loose-fit denim shorts are ready for the spotlight. One of the more popular ways to style an outfit with these is to pair them with a crop top and a long, light cardigan. These shorts also make a good partner for another “it” item: the aforementioned off-shoulder top. For a look that’s good for both work and play, style the shorts with a sleeveless, loose-fitting top and a nice shoulder purse.

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