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Everyone grows up with an overflow of T-shirts in their closet, but the T-shirt has come a long way in its journey to becoming a universal fashion staple. Like denim, the T-shirt was originally invented to suit laborers’ needs. The earliest T-shirt dates back to the Spanish-American War around 1898, when the U.S. Navy made the T-shirt its official undergarment.

Nowadays, the T-shirt has developed into a stand-alone garment and a device for self-expression. Logos, slogans, artwork and photographs are printed on the fabric, which is cut into different silhouettes ranging from cropped to long, oversized to babydoll. Usually made from comfortable cotton, a tee can be worn under a blazer, layered over a bikini, tucked into a skater dress or serve as a T-shirt dress. You can take tees as far as your imagination will allow.

There’s already a wealth of slogan tees on YesStyle but there’s also a lot of cute print tees. Consistent bestsellers like YesStyle-exclusive brand 59 Seconds, in particular, have some of the most adorable print tees.

Check out these fun ways to give your favorite tee a new spin!

Bunnies: Sweet & Girly
Bunnies are one of the most popular themes on T-shirts at YesStyle. The easiest way to complement this cute motif is to pair it with a skirt. Tulle skirts, chiffon maxis, mini skirts and jumper skirts are particularly suitable. Go for a pastel color or floral print to complement, and finish with ballerina flats and a bucket bag.

Bunny Print Tees:
Short-Sleeved Rabbit Appliqué Top from 59 Seconds
Rabbit with Glasses Print T-Shirt from 59 Seconds
Rabbit with Hair Bow Print T-Shirt from 59 Seconds
Rabbit Print Stripe-Sleeve T-Shirt from CLICK

To be matched with:
Band-Waist Tulle Skirt from MyFiona
Suspender A-Line Denim Skirt from QNIGIRLS
Bow-Accent Flats from Pangmama
Contrast-Trim Chain-Strap Bucket Bag from PG Beauty

Safari: Wild at Heart
While originating from the jungle and savannah, these wild animals look cute and funky as stylized cartoons on the cotton fabric. Heighten this contrast between danger and cuteness by adding a sports luxe element to your tee through bomber jackets made from scuba textiles, floral high tops, camo prints, harem pants and leather-like boxy backpacks.

Wild Animal Print Tees:
Lace-Trim Elephant Print T-Shirt from CLICK
Panda-Faced Ice Cream Print T-Shirt from 59 Seconds
Owl Print Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt from Dodostyle
Lion Cub Print T-Shirt from CLICK

To be matched with:
Paneled Baseball Jacket from Richcoco
Drawcord Embroidered Harem Pants from 59 Seconds
Floral High-Top Sneakers from Renben
Faux Leather Backpack from Beibaobao

Around the World: Sleek & Sophisticated
What’s your favorite place to visit? Show it on your T-shirt! Since these tees are void of cartoonish characteristics, you can opt for a more sophisticated style. Create high-low contrast with a structured vest, a pencil skirt or tapered pants, a metallic clutch, heeled sandals and edgy accessories.

Destination Print Tees:
Pinstriped Baseball Short-Sleeve T-Shirt from Dodostyle
“NY” Print T-Shirt from 59 Seconds
Elbow-Sleeve “Union Jack” Print Tee from Mini Jule
Eiffel Tower Print Long-Sleeved T-Shirt from CLICK

To be matched with:
Lace Panel Pencil Skirt from Eva Fashion
Metallic Envelop Clutch from Cherryville
Chunky Heel Sandals from Pangmama
Set: Vest + Shorts from PUFII

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