ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara Review

The YS Beauty Lab

In keeping with my promise to learn how to use eye makeup, this month’s Beauty Lab review is about a mascara. I chose the ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara for its long-lasting waterproof formula that’s also resistant to sweat, tears and sebum. It’s summer here in Hong Kong and daytime temps reach 34°C (for now), so there’s no better time to try this.

While I’m not really a mascara newbie, I do have the typical short Asian lashes that seem impervious to fullness. I also figure that cutting my eyelashes at age 7 (out of boredom or curiosity) probably stunted their potential for lush, alluring lengths.

The hot weather, along with my skin’s tendency to go into sebum overdrive, doesn’t help what little makeup I wear to stay put. And the last thing I want is to end up like a sad-looking “heroine,” with mascara and sweat running down my face.

Some “Foolish Wand-Waving” Included
On my first attempt to wear the mascara, I only applied one coat on each eye and by noon, it was practically gone. The second attempt was a little better but I belatedly noticed some clumping only a few hours later, and some mascara was also stuck to my eyelid. Embarrassing, I know, but hey, I’m still getting used to it.

Professor Severus Snape does not approve.

The succeeding efforts were much better. I learned to apply it smoothly and just dab a little more carefully at the tips to end without smudging. The results were obvious – not Betty Boop levels but certainly some visible improvement.

From barely there to “Oh look! I have eyelashes!”

When The (Mascara) Wand Chooses the Wizard
With mascara wands now coming in all sorts of curves, thickness and angles, ISEHAN’s Make Volume & Curl Mascara actually looks plain and simple by comparison. Just a small, straight brush that slightly curves at the bottom to accommodate angles. I think this is what makes it really effective for my short lashes.

But the real winner for me is the waterproof, sweat-proof formula. For someone who perspires easily and has oily skin to boot, this mascara saved me from a lot of potential makeup disasters. Even if I hadn’t used an eyelash curler, my eyelashes still had enough definition to be noticeable but not overdone – a good start for a mascara neophyte like me.

The basic, no-frills mascara wand works for me.

However, because of its waterproof capabilities, removing the mascara takes a little more elbow grease and plain foaming cleanser. I needed to use a little more of my beloved banila co Clean It Zero to ensure I got it all out, before washing it off with a cleanser.

For makeup newbies like me who are looking for a good starter mascara for their short lashes, ISEHAN’s Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara is a great pick. You don’t have to worry about smudging or too much clumping. The more you use it, the more confident you’ll be about improving your eye makeup game. I’m definitely getting an eyelash curler ASAP!

The ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara is available in black and brown, and retails for US$13.90.

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