Trendspotting | Flaunting Your “Honey Thighs”

You’ve probably heard of honey-glazed fried chicken and honey butter potato chips from Korea, but have you heard of “honey thighs?”

Created by adding the prefix “kkul” (꿀) to the noun “thighs”, the term “kkul thighs” or “honey thighs” are actually contoured, long and perfectly toned thighs that are neither too muscular nor too skinny (think Madonna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez). Those are also the kind of thighs that K-pop groups like Girl’s Generation and After School have always been flaunting.

Girl’s Generation in their song Genie, 2010 (Image: soompi)

T-ara’s campaign for Tony Moly, 2011 (Image: onekpop)

Secret in their song Poison, 2012 (Image: kpopn)

SISTAR’s campaign for Korea’s Vivaldi Park Ocean World, 2013 (Image: kpopn)

AOA in their song Miniskirt, 2014 (Image: allkpop)

After School in latest album Afterschool Best, 2015 (Image: allkpop)

If you’re gifted with a nice pair of gams like these women, there’s no way that you’re not showing them off, especially during summer! Here’s how:

1. Wear monochrome
If you wish to visually elongate your legs, wear the same color from top to bottom, or at least match your shoes with your pants. This creates an illusion of longer legs.

2. Wear vertical stripes
Vertical details including pintucks, pleats and stripes direct eyes to look up and down, visually lengthening your legs. Avoid horizontal details on the bottoms as these will make you look shorter.

3. Wear short shorts
Leather-like short shorts exude sexiness, while frayed denim shorts are a classic for the youthful ones. Avoid showing the hips or your underwear though.

4. Wear babydoll dresses
A sleeveless trapeze-cut babydoll dress makes you look girly and summery. The hem should rest between the hips and knees to keep it decent. A T-shirt dress is a sportier alternative. If you’re afraid of revealing your underwear, wear tonal boyshorts or short shorts.

5. Wear high waist bottoms
The eye naturally assumes that your legs start where your waist begins. The same theory applies when you tuck your top into your pants or skirt.

6. Wear heels
Opt for stiletto heels if possible, but wedges – which aren’t too bulky – should also be good. Half-platform heels should help you reach your desired height without standing on tiptoe.

7. Wear nude pumps
There’s a reason why nude pumps were so popular a few years ago. The neutral palette makes them exceptionally versatile, and they blend with your skin tone to make legs look longer.

8. Wear tights or leggings
If it’s cold where you live, tights and leggings are the best options to flaunt gams as they emphasize silhouettes and dimensions while keeping you warm and allowing you to move freely. Match with tonal shoes and remember to cover your hips with shorts or a mini skirt.

9. Wear a slit dress
A slit dress is a subtle but sexy way to show off your killer thighs. When matched with heels, a figure-skimming pencil skirt with a slit is a foolproof method to look proper in the office.

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