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Christian Dior

Fashion trends come and go but some are truly enduring. Since designer Christian Dior introduced the term “A-line” with his Spring 1955 collection, the design has come a long, long way. While his original A-line skirt captured the A-shape from shoulder to hem and with a flared jacket on top, it was another designer, Yves Saint Laurent, whose “trapeze line” of dresses paved the way for the more modern style on skirts with small waists that flare out fully at the hem. But before the 1950s – even back in the Edwardian era in Britain – flared skirts were already common.

Today, A-line skirts are still highly popular, despite the advent of the mini, midi and maxi skirts, and YesStyle’s youthful, trend-savvy customers are the newest generation of women who have fallen in love with the A-line skirt. In whatever fabric, length, pattern or cut reimagined by numerous designers over the decades, it’s still a staple in every season and every collection. An A-line skirt is the ideal garment for transitioning from adolescence to womanhood regardless of body shape or size, thus making it both forgiving and flattering.

Here’s a quick and simple guide on what to wear with your A-line skirt.

The Elegant Professional / Working Student Edit
One of YesStyle’s most popular and bestselling skirts is this black lace-up from Korean brand Envy Look with almost 97% of its buyers expressing satisfaction with its look and fabric. The skirt features a conventional zip closure at the back but the lace-up detail at the waist allows for more versatile styling options, especially if worn at the high waist.

Lace-Up A-Line Skirt from Envy Look | Striped Knit Top from Koo | Single-Button Blazer from Moonbasa

The no-waistband version from Stylementor is another crowd favorite with its 97% customer rating. Its elasticized waist allows for more versatile styling options and creates a more fluid line from the upper body to the lower half. A review written by YesStyle customer Ash sums up the virtues of this particular skirt perfectly, even for tall ladies like her: “It’s a classic style. It can easily be dressed up to look professional or worn with a cute casual top. It’s knee-length on me and I’m 5’9.”

Banded Waist A-Line Skirt from Stylementor | Wrap V-Neck Knit Top from ERANZI | Pointelle Cardigan from JUSTONE

Coordinates: For work, a simple knit sweater or tailored blouse tucked into the textured skirt creates an effortless upscale look. Finished with a smart blazer plus a pair of elegant pumps, the resulting outfit looks great for 9 to 5 and beyond. For a smart-casual style to transition you between classes and part-time work, a simple striped tee like the classic Breton top plays well with the no-waistband version. Top with a cropped jacket or pointelle cardigan and slip into patent ballerina flats to retain that youthful look.

The Party Scene Edit
One of the advantages of the A-line skirt is its shape, which retains its signature silhouette regardless of length. The mini skirt version of the A-line is just as flattering as its longer, more demure knee-length cousin, but exudes an undoubtedly free-spirited vibe. Four of YesStyle’s most popular mini A-lines from 59 Seconds, Dodostyle and Munai score a high 95% approval rating overall and hit the sweet spot at mid-thigh, showcasing plenty of leg even if you’re wearing tights or leggings underneath. The bias cut creates natural folds as well as making the skirt flare out gracefully.

A-Line Mini Skirt from 59 Seconds | Lace Trim Knit Top from chuu |
Illusion Neckline Sleeveless Capelet Blouse from DABAGIRL | A-Line Skirt from Munai

Coordinates: Wear it two ways and keep it simple. You can contrast its sexy leg-baring appeal by teaming with a subdued knit sweater, print chiffon blouse or simple tunic, plus flats, boots or kitten heels for shoes. The other option is to really turn up the heat by opting for a figure-hugging lace top or – if you’re daring enough – a crop top to really show off that summer-ready body. Sheer tights or none at all is the way to go plus killer stilettos to get you all pumped up on the dance floor.

Check A-Line Mini Skirt from 59 Seconds | Off-Shoulder Ruffled Top from DABUWAWA |
Lace Sleeveless Top from Miss Aries | Plaid A-Line Mini Skirt from Dodostyle

The Playful Edit
All work and all party can sometimes be too much. The skirts below come in when you don’t want to exert a lot of effort in dressing up. Styled with a peek-a-boo lace hem, the schoolgirl charm of a jumper dress, the flirty look of the dropwaist and the vivid colors of florals, these short and sweet A-line skirts are cute to the core and their 97% cumulative rating reflects that. Just like all A-lines, they can be easily dressed up or down, but in this instance, they’re ideal for laidback weekends like quick coffee stops, meeting up with the girls or just hanging out.

A-Line Jumper Skirt from Dodostyle| Puff-Sleeve Lace Trim Top from chuu |
Floral A-Line Mini Skirt from 59 Seconds | Spaghetti Strap 3/4-Sleeve Knit Top from Babi n Pumkin

Coordinates: Your favorite slouchy oversized sweater? Check! A simple printed tee or your favorite plaid shirt? Check! That cute puff-sleeve blouse you haven’t worn in a while? Looks even cuter with a floral skirt! Need a great idea for a retro, preppy outfit? The dropwaist skirt with a collared shirt, penny loafers and lace socks. Most definitely check, check!

High Waist A-Line Skirt from 59 Seconds| Off-Shoulder Lace Top from MyFiona |
Lace Hem Long-Sleeved Top from CLICK | Lace Hem A-Line Skirt from Moriville

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