Glam-It! The New GlamPact (Pre-set) (#Tan Set) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

If you’ve ever played dress-up or tinkered with your mom’s makeup as a little girl, then the GlamPact is a delightful reminder of those childhood memories. Glam-It! is the up-and-coming beauty brand behind the GlamPact, which contains makeup essentials such as powder, concealer, highlighter/bronzer and blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss and lip color all in one cute and handy multi-layered compact case. It’s the palm-sized version of a makeup professional’s train case. Oh, and did I mention that it also lights up?

The built-in tiny LED lights around the compact mirror are what make the GlamPact a must-have. You can recharge it via the accompanying micro-USB cable and you can do retouches everywhere: in a cramped toilet stall when there’s no bathroom counter space, on a long-haul flight even with the cabin lights dimmed, or at a club, and you don’t even have to leave your seat! How’s that for total convenience?

I feel like a movie star!

What’s Inside
The GlamPact currently comes in two pre-set varieties: the Tan Set and the Light Set, both with ready makeup pans inside. The only real differences between the two are the makeup shades for foundation, lip colors and eyeshadow colors. Each GlamPact set comes with its own set of mini makeup brushes, which includes a dual-ended sponge for eyeshadow, a multi-brush for eye brows, another one for the face and cheeks, a lip brush and a square dual-sided puff for the foundation. The GlamPact itself comes in a lovely velvet case secured with an elastic strap to protect it.

The makeup pans can be easily removed and interchanged or replaced with your own picks from Glam-It!’s own collection of palettes, which can be purchased individually. The makeup palettes range from glossy (such as the lip colors and lip balm) to lightly matte (powder foundation) and sparkly (eyeshadow). You’re practically spoiled for choice!

For Newbies and Experts Alike
I don’t wear a lot of makeup, mainly by choice (I want to make my skin better first) and also because I’d rather use the extra time in the morning to snooze. I think my only deficiencies are learning how to apply eyeliner and eye makeup properly, how to contour and highlight, and getting over my fear of using a lash curler.

I’m probably just one shade away from a true match.

Against my medium-tan complexion, most of the makeup in the Tan Set proved too light and also too close a match to my skintone. Even the Snow White’s Apple Lip Color (#02) proved to be the exact same shade as my lips. But apart from the mismatch, the makeup applied smoothly, with little to no caking (it’s always best to use a primer), and served its purpose. My personal favorites are the glittery eyeshadow (#02 Gold Rush) and bronzer/shading (#01 Don’t Diet – love the name!) which would suit those with skintones similar to mine.

That’s the great thing about the GlamPact. A makeup beginner can use it without worrying about spending a lot on makeup that may or may not be used. A seasoned pro will appreciate how it packs so much convenience into one cute package. Of course, you’ll still need to bring along your extras like eyeliner or mascara, but think of how much lighter your bag will be!

Both versions of the GlamPact retail for US$83.90 while the makeup brushes, individual pans and an empty GlamPact for customizing your own can also be bought separately.