Trendspotting | A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Fashion

When it comes to fashion, I tend towards low-key and comfortable. I’m not saying you have to wear T-shirts and flip-flops all day, but there should be a way to take it easy while looking chic and effortless on days when you wake up late, or when you simply run out of ideas for mixing and matching.

As an expert in the faculty of laziness, I’d like to share 12 essentials on how to save time and effort dressing up. Don’t take laziness as a negative term, because Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

1. Multi-Functional Beauty Products

Is your bathroom packed with bottles and jars of hair products, makeup and skincare? It may be time to ditch them all and shop for modern beauty products that serve multiple purposes. A shampoo that also conditions hair, a makeup remover that also tones skin, BB cream that covers dark spots, brightens the skin and offers sun protection, a multi-functional blush that can be applied to the eyes, cheeks and lips. Why all the fuss when you can hit two birds with one stone?

2. Short Hair

It’s summer in Hong Kong and friends have been cutting their long hair to shorter lengths. Most of them have received compliments for their determination to bid farewell to their former looks. Not only do short hairstyles look posh and refreshing, they’re also easy to style, wash and dry. You no longer need to bundle up your hair every time you eat ramen or go swimming. Forget the sweat, tangling and that heavy feeling – it’s all about being carefree this summer!

3. Statement Glasses

No doubt eye makeup is a lot of fun. With the magic created by false lashes, double eyelid stickers, dramatic eye shadow palettes and colored contact lenses, you can turn stones into gold. But for times when you wish to give your eyes a break or look less dramatic, statement glasses are here for you. They give your preppy look an instant boost and help balance the proportions of your face. Most important, they’re easy on, easy off, and aren’t hazardous to your skin!

4. Minimal Makeup

Skipping eye makeup should save you a lot of time, so now you can focus on blemish coverage and lip makeup. For a quick fix, use a concealer, an air cushion foundation, a blush and bright lipstick. Perhaps an eyeliner too. Sound like a lot? Well, you can reduce it to just the blush and lipstick if you have flawless skin and non-puffy eyes. Which means you’ll have to invest in skincare and getting several good hours of sleep instead. Practice also makes perfect so in time, I bet you’ll be able to complete all steps in 5 minutes.

5. Petite Jewelry

I wear the bare minimum of jewelry on me 24/7: a pair of hypoallergenic rhinestone stud earrings, a diamond pendant necklace and a platinum ring. Of course there are occasions when you’ll need bolder baubles, but petite jewelry easily matches most of your daily outfits, and you don’t even need to remove them when exercising or sleeping. Silver, platinum and diamond are the best materials to consider.

6. A Neutral Palette

Shop from the same brand and invest in a collection of separates in whites, beiges, browns, grays, blacks and blues. However you mix and match, these colors are guaranteed to work in harmony. Also, check that your clothing is machine-washable and there’s no color fading. Do so by soaking clothes overnight in warm water. If colors bleed, soak the clothes in vinegar and water until there’s no further fading.

7. Padded Camisoles

As I mentioned in my article on Yama Girls, a padded camisole that’s stretchable, breathable and easy to dry is much better for sports than a wired bra. It also prevents possible nip slips when wearing a sheer top or button-down.

8. Scarf

Scarves are alternatives to lightweight coats – they’re easier to carry and more versatile. You can tie a scarf to the shoulder strap of your carryall bag and wrap it around your body when travelling on planes or in very cold, air-conditioned vehicles.

9. Shirts

Shirts are great for layering, and they make you look pulled together. Need I say more?

10. One-Piece Dresses

These are for lazy girls who want to look polished on the go. However opulent a one-piece dress may look, you only need to slip into the fabric and zip it up to get fully dressed.

11. Nylon, Rayon & Polyester

Crease-free outfits save you from ironing, and you can fold and store them in your drawers without worrying that they’ll come out looking like old cabbages in a week. An added bonus: They save on storage space, too.

12. Loafers & Slip-ons

Opt for footwear that allows you to leave home in just one minute. Say goodbye to lace-ups, ankle straps, Velcros and zippers. Forget about socks – no more headaches from having to shop for, match, wash and dry them.