K-Drama Fashion | Shin Se Kyung’s Style from “The Girl Who Sees Smells”

Currently airing on SBS in Korea, the TV drama The Girl Who Sees Smells stars Shin Se Kyung as heroine Oh Cho Rim who gains the ability to see scents after waking up from a coma. She uses her unique ability to help police officer Choi Moo Ga, played by Park Yoo Chun, investigate cases. Besides having an eye for scents, Cho Rim also has an eye for fashion, because she wears the most adorable clothes in the series.

Here are some ways to get Oh Cho Rim’s casual yet chic look!

It’s All in the Jacket
Cho Rim mostly keeps things casual in simple tops paired with jeans or skinny pants, but the overall effect is far from plain thanks to all her cute blazers and jackets in distinct prints, patterns and colors. Even with your usual pair of jeans, you can experiment with different styles and looks just by adding the right outerwear. Go urban and edgy with a camouflage jacket, or sweet and put-together with a fitted blazer in season-essential florals.

I’ve Got Sunshine
Though Cho Rim has gone through some terrible experiences, she maintains a positive personality that’s reflected in the sunny yellow pieces that are sprinkled throughout her wardrobe. We can all use a bit of sunshine in our lives, and yellow is a wonderful picker-upper for the spring collection. Embrace the color in a long, eye-catching coat like the one Cho Rim wears in Episode 3, or a creamy chartreuse dress like the one Moo Ga gives to Cho Rim in Episode 9. If you’re not ready for that much yellow, add a dash of sunshine with a solid-colored top in a butter yellow or even neon yellow shade.

Little White Dress
Every girl needs a little black dress, but a little white dress may be even better for the spring and summer. Just look at how pretty and angelic Shin Se Kyung looks in the drama’s promotional stills. The possibilities are endless when you’re working with a white canvas. You can keep it cool and sporty in a loose-fitting number with colorful sneakers, or channel your inner princess in a light and feminine dress with lace and crochet details, like the one Cho Rim wears in Episode 13.

The Gray Eye
Cho Rim has one gray eye – a trait she acquired along with her special ability – and you can too with a colored lens. Having two eyes of different colors won’t help you see smells, but it will attract some attention and curiosity, and maybe even creep some people out! If you feel self-conscious, take a page from Cho Rim’s book and throw on a pair of oversized black sunglasses.

The Girl Who Sees Smells soundtrack is available on YesAsia.com.

The Girl Who Sees Smells OST

Drama stills are from SBS’s official website and official Facebook.