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Among the alternatives to skinny jeans (such as wide-leg pants and boyfriend jeans), harem pants are consistent bestsellers on YesStyle in both the menswear and women’s categories. The most popular pair from Evolu actually boasts a 100% customer satisfaction rating from 77 reviews.

Usually considered loungewear, harem pants are now worn by many K-pop stars and some of the coolest celebs around the globe, and have become some of the strongest fashion pieces thanks to their effortless but dramatic edge. With a baggy silhouette at the hips and upper thighs and tapering at the calves, these pants are in fact gifted with many sartorial advantages:

• They mix well with almost everything in your closet.
• You can wear them low at the hips, at the waist or even higher, and the cuffs don’t necessarily need to hit the ankles.
• Most harem pants are designed with either a drawcord or an elasticized waist, which allows for a lot of wiggle room in the size department.
• Most harem pants are unisex in design and great as couple wear, which means a more flexible wardrobe!
• Just wearing them immediately makes you look very trendy!

Who should wear them?
Shorter guys, girls with wide hips, or athletic types with muscular thighs will find them especially flattering because of the roomy fit. Actually, harem pants fit most body shapes which make them a most forgiving and fashionable garment.

Here’s how to master wearing harem pants for all occasions!

To Work:
Guys: Who says harem pants can’t be taken seriously? Try on a black or dark gray pair made of durable fabric and slightly more tailored at the thighs and calves. Match with a cropped jacket, a fitted tee and oxfords, or a fitted sweater or shirt. Wear black socks that cover the ankles or none at all.

Men’s workwear:
Drawcord Harem Sweatpants from Evlolu
Long-Sleeve Wrap Collar T-Shirt from JIBOVILLE
Zip-Up Neoprene Cropped Jacket from Streetstar

Girls: Make heads turn by pairing more form-fitting monochrome harem pants with heels! From shimmering and silky finishes to leopard prints, suede or patent, try everything in your shoe collection and see how the tapered cuffs help to spotlight your shoes. Top off with a cropped blazer, a knit top or a longline shirt. Glam it up with a belt and jewelry.

Women’s workwear:
Drawstring Harem Pants from 59 Seconds
Tab-Sleeve Check Long Shirt from Tokyo Fashion
Ankle-Strap Chunky-Heel Pumps from UNAMIKA

To Dance Class:
Guys: Hip-hop dancing, parkour, skateboarding, working out at the gym – harem pants are tailor-made for these activities. Just choose a pair with banded cuffs and match them with short boots, lace-up sneakers or canvas slip-ons. Opt for a breathable, stretchable and lightweight fabric like cotton or Tetoron blend.

Men’s dancewear:
Paisley Print Drawcord Harem Pants from Free Shop
Hooded Zip Jacket with Gingham Lining from K-Style
Faux-Leather High-Top Sneakers from MARTUCCI

Girls: These harem pants can be worn to your jazz dance class, at the gym or when doing yoga. Team with a skinny tank top or sports top, adding a hooded jacket, denim vest or plaid shirt during cooler months. Because of the roomy fit, it’s easier to keep warm by wearing thermals or leggings underneath.

Women’s dancewear:
Patched Harem Pants from 59 Seconds
Banana Print Cropped Tank Top from Richcoco
Hooded Button-Up Denim Vest from PUFII

To the Beach:
Guys: Harem pants are great for hanging out on the beach, at a picnic or at outdoor music festivals. Contrast the baggy hip area with a tank or slogan tee and finish with sandals. With a beer in hand, great music and good friends, you’re ready for summer!

Men’s beachwear:
Harem Pants from OBI YUAN
Panda Print Tank Top from Cool 6
Faux Leather Thong Sandals from Preppy Boys

Girls: How about a classic bohemian look for Coachella or at the Glastonbury Music Festival? Be creative with prints – paisley, ganado and tropical, to name a few – and match them with a sheer blouse, a distressed tee or a fringed top. Finish with a bandanna hair band, oversized shades and flip flops.

Women’s beachwear:
Patchwork Harem Pants from 59 Seconds
Feather Print Cropped Tank Top from Obel
Striped Harem Pants from 59 Seconds

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