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My good experience with the Shiseido Senka Perfect Oil as my first foray into the world of oil cleansing made me want to take it a step further. Many of the beauty blogs I follow are unanimous in recommending banila co.’s Clean It Zero as their Holy Grail of cleansers so I decided it was worth a try.

The Clean It Zero line actually has four variants, easily identifiable by the color of their lids: the Classic (pink) which is suitable for normal skin, Purity (blue-green) for sensitive skin, Radiance (silver) for whitening and Resveratrol (leaf green). I chose the Classic version as it was the most popular one, and if the reviews were anything to go by, it’s supposed to work on all skin types.

Balm away!
I’m used to seeing cleansing oils in pump bottles but Clean It Zero comes in a hefty jar with a screw top. This certainly makes it easier to pack in your check-in luggage or in your carry-on, and still keep to the 3-1-1 rule about liquids on a plane.

The product itself has been described as a balm. It looks fairly solid in the jar, but as soon as you scoop it up, you can feel its very lightweight, sorbet-like texture. It’s similar to the texture of virgin coconut oil when it becomes semi-solid in cold temperatures. So yes, this is still oil, but less runny and more solid.

And there lies the difference. It is indeed oil but once applied on my skin, it doesn’t drip and is less messy than usual cleansing oils. Even when I’m holding the cotton pad close to the pump opening of a typical cleansing oil, a good amount squirts out of my hand. With Clean It Zero balm and its cute spatula, I never have to worry about wasting any product. However, I still get a little too enthusiastic about scooping the product and end up with more than what I need. I don’t think I’ll be running out anytime soon, though, as cleansing only takes a tiny scoop each time.

I still can’t believe it’s oil
Having used Clean It Zero for nearly a month now, I’m sincerely amazed at how it has made a difference in my cleansing regimen. Alternating my anti-acne cleanser with the Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam has made for a marked improvement in the state of my skin, but with Clean It Zero, it has gotten even better. While I still get the occasional zit or two, I noticed that spots now heal and fade more quickly. My moisturizer even seems to work better with the new regimen.

While I don’t use a lot of makeup (to avoid irritating my skin), I still wear sunscreen, BB cream, powder foundation and concealer. None of those is waterproof but in the past, I wasn’t as religious about removing makeup as I am now. Seeing how a thorough double-cleanse has helped my skin has turned me into a convert.

The banila co. Clean It Zero (Classic) 100ml jar retails for US$26.01 while a limited-edition 180ml version is US$38.86. Check out the other variants here.

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