Trendspotting | Mori Girls

The term “mori girl” isn’t new, especially if you’re a fan of Japanese fashion. As the word “mori” is Japanese for “forest”, the basic concept is to dress and live like a girl who quietly dwells in the forest. I wouldn’t say it’s a hot trend (the term emerged in 2007), but it’s hard to ignore its continued popularity. Basically, you’re a mori girl if you display these characteristics:

• You prefer soft, curly hair or a bob cut with bangs, and natural makeup with rosy cheeks, or even no makeup at all.
• You’re fond of quirky vintage and handmade stuff.
• You enjoy a quiet, simple, nature-inspired life.
• You spend your weekends reading at your favorite café, away from the crowd, or hopping around small shops.
• You love cute animals and fairytales.
• You wear flat shoes and comfortable clothing that conveys an ethereal mood.
• You feel at home with wooden or cloth furniture.


From left: Japanese actress Yu Aoi was considered the mori girl archetype, while fellow actresses Aoi Miyazaki, Juri Ueno as well as Guey Lun Mei from Taiwan were also known to carry a mori style at some point in their lives.

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Even if you’re not yet a mori girl, it doesn’t hurt to try this style because it’s just so perfect for spring. YesStyle offers a selection of mori style-oriented fashion brands such as Forest Girl, Moriville, Fairyland, Sens Collection, Storyland and Canvas Love (for bags). Do check them out for the following mori girl essentials:

1. Scarves

Knit or crocheted scarves look and feel soft, and best convey the airy mood of mori girls. Wrap it casually around your neck like a doughnut to create volume on the upper torso.

2. Oversized Knitwear

Ponchos, cardigans or vests – choose whatever you want as long as it’s thin, lightweight and allows for layering. Match your oversized knitwear with a floral patterned blouse, a white lace dress or an embroidered tunic to give it depth and texture.

3. Crochet

Crochet gives that old granny feel and emphasizes your love for vintage and homey crafts. Add a little crochet in the form of a shawl, accents on the dress or a crossbody bag. Keep the color earthy – ivory and white are the best options, followed by almond and brown.

4. Linen

If you live in a forest leading a reclusive life, you probably won’t wear something too luxurious or eye-catching. Beige linen is blessed with a modest charm reminiscent of Japanese Zen culture. Its neutral palette also serves as a great canvas for layering. Add volume by choosing a linen outfit that features puffed sleeves, ruffles, a hanky hem or a flared cut.

5. Florals

Small floral prints on a white, pastel or deep brown background bring out your sweet and girly side without being overwhelming. Dressing yourself in floral patterns makes you feel closer to nature too.

6. Earth Tones

Colors commonly found on mori girls include white, ivory, cream, almond and brown alongside pastel green and faded hues. The palette is forest-inspired, so do think about berries, pine trees, dried leaves, moss, soil, etc.

7. Canvas Bag

There are no limits on the design of a bag as long as it matches your modest mood. A rustic canvas backpack might be a good option since you can use it for other occasions. Other options include a crocheted crossbody bag, a woven shoulder bag, a canvas tote or a patchwork bucket bag.

8. Boots

A pair of tough boots allows mori girls to hop freely around different places from cafés to bookstores and small shops. Leather Mary Janes, oxfords or moccasins accented with lace or floral panels serve as alternatives.