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The newest addition to The YesStylist, What’s HOT highlights YesStyle’s top bestsellers in Asian fashion and lifestyle. Offering a unique and fun perspective into what makes these pieces truly covetable, What’s HOT aims to keep customers, fans and lovers of Asian fashion in the loop of what’s hot in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

For the maiden edition, we can proudly say that when it rains, it purrs! YesStyle leads the charm offensive on feline-inspired femininity with its super popular cat print tights. The most famous pair holds an impressive 98.8% customer rating and over 500 reviews.

However, it’s not just cats putting their best paw forward. There are also rabbits, bears and even puppy print tights, making the selection a veritable zoo of cuteness.

Here are some of YesStyle’s most popular animal-inspired tights, and how you can wear them!

1. Make them the statement piece in a neutral outfit
Winter isn’t yet out of the way in certain parts of the globe, but that only means you can wear your tights more often! If you’re in a fashion funk and don’t want to make too much effort with your outfit, these tights will brighten your day. Try a simple sweater dress that hits mid-thigh, faux fur vest and knee-high boots plus the cat print tights. The design of the print ensures the cat face is seen just above your boots and remains visible. Finish with a mid-thigh coat belted at the waist.

2. Use them to show off legs with classics
Amp it up to a more grown-up/girly level by teaming the tights with a flared skater skirt or tweed, shorts, and a fuzzy sweater. The result is an interesting palette of textures and prints that will draw everyone’s attention. Finish with heeled ankle boots to match.

3. Wear over another pair of tights or with knee-high socks
Who says layering is only for clothes? Definitely not! Knock your adoring audience’s socks off by wearing a contrasting pair of knee-high socks with your printed tights. Just make sure the top of the socks don’t cover the design. The beauty of this combo is that your legs stay deliciously covered and warm, even if you’re wearing them with distressed denim shorts and your favorite plaid shirt. Going gothic? Soften an edgy all-black ensemble comprising a leather jacket and black biker boots with the tights. You’ll be giving Biker Hello Kitty some stiff competition.

4. Ease into Bohemian glam for spring
Bring out your favorite dresses, floral prints and pastels out of hibernation, and make them play with your adorable bears and rabbits. Got a high-low dress from previous seasons that you couldn’t bear to throw away? These tights are perfect for that since the higher front hem shows them off perfectly. A floral dress with tiny details like lace or flowing sleeves is the perfect companion to the tights as well as suede platform pumps or boots. Finish with a floral hairband or fringed scarf.

5. Maximize the levels of cute!
What better way to do cute than to wear these tights with other equally cute stuff? Harness the exponential cuteness of these tights by teaming them with a lace mini skirt, empire-waist dress or an extra-long sweater with a sweet ruffled hem. A cute sleeveless romper does the trick just as well when you wear it with a slouchy chunky cardigan, the tights and platform oxfords.

So forget about being called a crazy cat lady – it’s more about being a crazy cute lady!

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