Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam Review

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Laneige has been a consistent bestseller on YesStyle for several years and now I know why. One of the brand’s most popular products is the Pore Deep Clearing Foam, which has 41 reviews and a 97.5% rating. The 160ml (5 oz.) tube is surprisingly hefty and priced at an affordable US$17.90. The star ingredients in this product are the Morocco clay (ghassoul) and clove extracts which gently exfoliate and control sebum secretion to keep pores clean. Laneige’s Pore Purifying Complex also claims to help remove toxins and impurities around the pores and strengthen the skin’s defense system against pore-related troubles.

I brought the cleanser with me when I went on a short holiday to see how it would fare in hotter and more humid conditions. Even better, I decided not to bring any of my acne-clearing products. I was putting a lot of faith in this product, which was quite atypical for me. For emergencies, I brought a tiny tube of salicylic acid.

After almost 12 hours of waiting at the airport, sitting in the plane, and then getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I was itching to wash my face. I squeezed out half an inch of the cleanser on my finger and wasn’t really expecting a lot of lather from such a small amount. However, the foam was surprisingly rich and that tiny dollop was more than enough. I expected my skin to feel a little tight or dry typical of my experiences with other facial cleansers but there was only a soft and clean feeling. I woke up the next morning with a less-oily-than-usual face and no zits. A good sign.

For the next few days, my face survived on that cleanser, sunscreen and BB cream, even when temps hit 33°C. When I remembered to do so, I used cleansing wipes beforehand. While my skin isn’t perfect to begin with, I was very pleased that I had no major skin trouble so far. Even after a late night or after eating rich food or junk food (I was on holiday after all), there were no breakouts.

You only need so little for it to lather!

It’s been more than a week so far and I’m back in semi-cold but humid Hong Kong. I’m still using the cleanser but haven’t gotten around to using my anti-acne products again. Yet my skin has remained calm and cooperative. Do I attribute this to the wonders of the Laneige product? Most likely yes. A part of me is skeptical but the brand has a proven track record. Past experience has taught me that changes in temps always trigger new trouble spots, even when I use the whole kit and caboodle. This time? Zero.

I may never achieve the flawless skin of Korean actress Song Hye Kyo, Laneige’s brand ambassador, but I’ll take calm, trouble-free, clean skin over that any day. Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam, you are now my BFF.

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