My Top Ten: Styling Your Petite Frame


Being petite is great – at least 50% of my close girlfriends are petite and beautiful. But shopping with them can be a nightmare since finding tailored clothes that keep their looks in proportion are a real challenge. They always feel like most clothes they try on just don’t fit, and that standard items from the majority of retailers are made for taller-than-average shoppers. It took some trial and error for them to figure out some rules for dressing with their shapes and sizes. Here are a few tips on finding flattering clothes that actually fit the petite frame.

1. V-Neck Bodycon Dress from MyFiona DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

The inherently flatteringly V-neck is known to be one of the neckline types – like deep and slim scoop necklines – that elongates the body frame effortlessly. This bodycon dress boasts a low V-neck that shows quite a bit of skin on your décolletage and back. Its creamy hue matches with skin tone, further enhancing that long, lean look. At all costs, avoid clumsy square and crew necks, which tend to widen the upper body and make you look shorter.

2. Slim-Fit High-Neck Top in Vertical Stripes from DABAGIRL alt=

Using vertical details (Not limited to stripes, but zip detailing and pleats, too!) is one of the best tricks to visually elongate and slim down your body. They draw eyes to look up and down, and do wonders for any area that you want to lengthen. This striped top is a great case in point.

3. Cropped Tailored Dress Pants from ode’ DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

For pants, I’d go for straight-leg or a skinny cut in a neutral color like these well-tailored dress pants, which tend to make your pins appear longer. This allows you to wear loose, laid-back tops without looking too bulky.

4. Monochrome Shift Dress with Notched Neckline from J-ANN DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

Unnecessary details like belts, chunky accessories and ruffles can swamp your frame and make you look shorter. Start with a clean base layer to play it safe! This minimalist shift dress keeps things simple by showcasing elegant lines without fuss.

5. Ruffle-Hem Color-Block Dress from Attrangs DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

Another foolproof choice for gals on the shorter side, this color-block dress features a tonal knit panel at the bodice, which keeps the line of color unbroken to elongate the frame. The lean, fluid line is the best part of it.

6. Faux Leather Skinny Belt from Cuteberry DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

Chunky belts are great as a statement accent, but they can also cut your outfit in half and thus make you appear shorter than you really are. Instead, I’d go for skinny ones like this simple style to tie the look together. Undoubtedly a great accessory to have in your workwear collective.


I know it’s irresistible, but don’t give in to the oversized trend yet. That fab carryall will swamp you. If you’re short-statured, choose something small and catchy like this quilted crossbody pouch.

8. Dual Bead Stud Earrings from soo n soo DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

When it comes to accessories, avoid larger items that can overwhelm your look, such as huge handbags and ginormous statement necklaces. These elegant studs make for just the perfect detail and look great on petite women.

9. Peep-Toe Heels with Cutout Detail from Bongjashop DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

Footwear definitely matters in achieving a flattering ensemble for a petite. Low-vamp shoes are the best, preferably in a neutral color that either blends with your pants or legs. This statement pair is a great option that visually extends your legs with its open-toe design.

10. Ankle Strap Pointy-Toe Flats from GUMZZI DRESSES FOR VALENTINES DAY

The pointed toe is also a safe bet for those who want to visually elongate and slim down legs. The nude shade doubles as a neutral building block for any outfit in your closet!