Faith In Face AHA Peel So Good Peeling Gel Review

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My anti-acne regimen seems to be really effective, but now I have to deal with the resulting hyperpigmentation after the spots have dried out. While my kit includes glycolic acid, I find it too thick and heavy on my face and so I usually skip that step. Bad, I know. When I spotted Faith In Face’s AHA Peel So Good Peeling Gel in YesStyle’s Beauty section, I knew I wanted to try it. I previously tried the brand’s After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask, so I looked forward to seeing whether this gel would also score high on my list.

Almost good enough to eat
The packaging of this product is really designed with a girly experience in mind. While the mask was more pink, pin-up and retro, the tube’s candy colors of mint green, bright and baby pinks, and sky blue instantly reminded me of cotton candy. The tube has a silver seal that covers the opening of the tube itself and a twist cap that makes it easier for me to really squeeze out most of it, especially if it’s nearly empty. The product doesn’t come in a box nor is it wrapped in plastic. While that might not appeal to most, I’m at least happy that it allows me to be eco-friendly in a small way.

The gel itself isn’t actually a gel but has more of a creamy texture with an opaque, white appearance. Aside from alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which is the main ingredient that helps exfoliate dead skin cells, the product also contains plant-derived cellulose and seaweed extract.

“Peel So Good”
Since the instructions say that the gel is best applied on dry skin, I used it prior to a shower and washed only with a non-foaming cleanser on my face beforehand. I applied a small dollop and proceeded to make small light rubbing motions all over my cheeks, forehead and chin while making sure the sides of my nose and my upper lip also got some action. Sure enough, I felt little spongy granules forming under my fingertips and that compelled me to keep massaging. It felt quite therapeutic.

Just like the Cure Natural Aqua Gel (Which was the first Beauty Lab product review!), there’s nothing abrasive in the product itself. It’s only when you rub it against the skin that the actual exfoliation takes effect. After rinsing with warm water, I swiped a cleansing oil-soaked cotton pad on my cheek. All I saw were very few, almost indistinguishable dark bits which I presumed were the residue of dead skin cells and impurities on my face. Yay, clean!

My skin felt softer, cleaner and certainly looked brighter. After almost two weeks of use, my acne scars are slightly lighter. I ended up using it once or twice a week and slowly, the dry patches on my face disappeared and were replaced with a more even texture that made for a smoother application of sunscreen and BB cream.

The 125 ml (4.22 oz) tube retails for a very affordable US$11.61 and for that price, it’s certainly worth hoarding!

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