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I am in college now and I know that for guys, we don’t really go for a flashy look or anything unless it’s to impress a girl on the weekends. However, I like being fashionable every day and I have been buying a lot of my clothes from YesStyle lately. I just have a hard time accessorizing sometimes because I don’t have that a lot, but I just bought a black beaded bracelet and that’s nice and all, but I feel like I should expand my horizons a bit with necklaces and glasses. Do you know what I should go for? Thank you!

Stephen, 18/Pennsylvania, USA

Stephen, you might be surprised, but men nowadays don’t just dress up to impress a girl anymore. They want to make a great impression on everyone, and not just on the weekends either! When you feel great about how you look (except when it’s a misplaced kind of self-confidence), it’s seen in your demeanor, and thus you attract attention. And that’s what we all want, right?

Accessories can dress up or dress down an outfit so a beaded bracelet is a good start! If your wardrobe is fairly simple to begin with – button-down shirts, tees, pants and jeans, jackets, etc. – then you can build up your personal style beginning with a few more key pieces.

The Leather Bag
I know guys who prefer to carry a bag (and no, I don’t refer to men’s bags as “men purses”), and some who just prefer to carry around a wallet and phone in their pockets. It really depends on what floats your boat. But, bulging pockets aren’t always attractive and can ruin a perfectly good outfit simply because one is too lazy to carry a bag. Ditch the canvas backpack and settle for a handsome leather satchel or a leather backpack instead. It still leaves your hands free while the leather construction and classic architectural shape add instant style points, even if you’re just wearing jeans and a simple zip jacket.

The Watch
I hear you, Stephen. What’s the point of wearing a watch in the age of humongous smartphone that also displays the time? Well, for one, the watch battery will certainly last longer than your smartphone. Second, never underestimate the impact of a handsome watch in your ensemble. Third, even the mobile phone companies are creating smart watches to go with the phones they make. So don’t think watches are passé yet, my good man. If you’re on the athletic side, a sports watch makes perfect sense to accompany your fitness regime. A lot of sports and toy watches also come in vibrant hues which offer an energetic pop of color in casual styles. On the other hand, affordable stainless steel- or leather-strap watches evoke a preppy or more upscale flair to go with a button-down shirt, blazer, dark jeans and faux suede chukka boots.

The Necklace & Bracelet
When it comes to necklaces and bracelets though, these should be more attuned to your personal style. Leather cuffs and bracelets usually work with anything as long as they have a subdued design. If you’re looking at something catchier, a chain bracelet with studs, skulls and spikes evoke a more Gothic flavor to go with matching a ripped tee, distressed jeans and a leather jacket. A choker looks better on a V-neck top than a button-down shirt, while a simple leather thong necklace with a silver pendant can add a subtle but still sophisticated finishing touch to a plaid shirt and cords.

As for glasses, there are more factors to consider if you choose to wear glasses as accessories, like the shape of your face, your kind of style, even the color or design of the frames. It merits another post for another day! Meanwhile, I do encourage you to check out the glasses and frames we have available on YesStyle to get a better idea.

You can start with the abovementioned examples and gradually establish your own sense of style (casual, preppy, sporty, grunge, etc.) along with the right accessories. From there, you can expand to earrings (if you like), ties, hats, socks, and shoes. The confidence you gain along the way will definitely show!


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