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Coco Chanel once said: “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” However, the “less is more” concept has recently started to fade as bold brass accessories, thick chain necklaces, estate earrings and lettering bangles have taken centerstage on the runway.


From left: Chanel SS15/ Givenchy SS15/ Dior SS15/ Loewe SS15

(Images via Harper’s Bazaar)

This “more is more” theory can only be successfully executed with thoughtful planning, lots of experience and perhaps a little trial and error. Here’s a general guideline to matching bulky jewelry with your outfits.

A choker helps to visually elongate the neck. Black chokers normally grant a gothic appeal, while heavily jeweled chokers promote regal flair. Pair a choker with a white shirt, a turtleneck, a V-neck top or a strapless gown. Avoid the metallic plate choker, which can be hard to pull off and try a sleek belt version instead.

Statement necklace
If you’re putting on a chunky necklace, make sure it’s backed by a clear canvas. The easiest way is to opt for a monochromatic boatneck or an off-shoulder tunic, which works especially well with sautoirs or long tasseled necklaces. The crew neckline can be a good choice for shorter chain necklaces as well as those with charms, multiple textures or bohemian motifs.

Cuffs or stacked bangles are a bit cumbersome in winter unless you are wearing short sleeves. These bangles are best matched with plain sleeveless tops, so you might want to switch to a single, slimmer bangle if you still wish to show off your newly purchased furry coat. Also, try to relate your jewelry to your outfit through motif, texture or color.

Charm bracelet
Charm bracelets are ideal for casualwear and – thanks to Pandora – they never seem to grow out of style! These clustering baubles add wow-factor to casual denim and knitwear in neutral hues.

Stacked rings
Stackable rings offer versatility and personality. It’s an ideal representation of the glam-rock style. You can stack them up and place them on your index finger, or wear them separately between your two hands for a balanced composition. You can even wear the smaller ones as knuckle rings.

Drop earrings
Drop or chandelier earrings flatter a long face by visually shortening it, but it’s a bit tricky to infuse them into casualwear. Match them with floral outfits of a crisp silhouette for a stylish twist. An updo style for your hair will also help balance the added volume on your lower face.

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