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Hi Nikki! I am a new reader to your blog, but have been buying clothes from YesStyle for a year now. I am often lucky with what I buy, but I have a hard time finding clothes that fit well with my figure. I have quite large breasts (I measure 104 cm around) and hips, but other than that, I am not really big. My problem is therefore finding clothes that fit me, without looking like a large tent, or that they look small on me.

Do you have any tips on what kind of style I should have so I won’t look too big?

Thank you for reading and taking your time.

Emilie, 20/Sweden

Thank you for reading and writing to me, darling! New readers are always welcome and I do hope you’ll stick around.

If you read my first post for 2015, Emilie, I explained to Lily that we all come in different shapes and sizes. A large bust size isn’t really a problem unless it really is too big that it’s hard to find clothing and it physically makes it difficult for you to do everyday activities. However, I have no idea how your bust size relates to the rest of your body measurements. Do you have narrow shoulders, wide hips or maybe a slim waist? Are you tall, petite or average height? These things matter so I do hope you’ll give me more information next time. Knowledge is power and I can give you suggestions that are more specific if I know the details of your problem and personal style.

Fit isn’t the same as size
I’m sure this has happened to all of us: going into a store, finding clothes you like, and *gasp!* in your size too! Upon buying it or trying it in the fitting room, only then do you discover that it is ill-fitting on some part of your body. In my case, it’s usually the bust or the shoulders (I have “man-shoulders”). If the garment doesn’t fit in your size, why not try the next size and see if that looks better, especially if the difference in clothing sizes isn’t too obvious, such as being too loose in the bodice or excessively long sleeves.

Fabric and silhouette
One thing to watch out for when you’re curvy are stretchy garments. Elastics are good but sometimes stretchy clothing has a tendency of clinging tightly to certain areas, and therefore giving them unwanted attention. If your hips and breasts are wider than the rest of your body, go easy on bulky fabrics like wool and chunky knits as they visually add on the pounds. Light, airy fabrics like cotton jersey skim the figure rather than cling. The universally flattering A-line silhouette looks great on curvy women, especially dresses with a nipped-in waist as well as skirts. Voila, instant hourglass shape!

Structure is key
Another way to trick the eyes into creating a more balanced and streamlined look is through structure. In contrast to draping or loose-fit (no oversize clothing please!) clothes, structured pieces are more or less shaped. Certain styles of blouses and shirts, for example, have darts at the bodice, which makes it look narrower at the waist while “lifting” the bust area (a well-fitting bra also adds firm support). Puff sleeves can make narrow shoulders look wider while a poufy hem creates volume around the tummy/waist area. One trick to make sure your button-down shirts don’t gape open at the bust is to sew a hook-and-bar closure in between the buttons that hit your chest. Remember that structured tops work with almost any type of bottoms and you’ll still look smartly styled!

Size still matters
When it comes to prints, patterns and accessories though, size definitely does matter. Anything too big can also make you look too big so avoid anything too exaggerated such as wide collars (seen on a lot of winter outerwear), chunky necklaces that give unwanted emphasis on your bust, or very loud prints that are bigger than your face. If you’re in doubt as to whether something might be too flashy or overwhelming on your outfit, stick to something smaller and fewer accessories.

On a final note, here are some YesStyle brands that may carry larger sizes. Do note that sizing varies from garment to garment, and from brand to brand. You really have to check the measurements of the piece you want and compare them with your own just to make sure.

J-ANN Zsel Life 8
Evolu Ringnor ELF SACK
O.SA Sentubila Moonbasa

If you and all my other readers have more curve-friendly brand favorites on YesStyle, please add them in the comments. You’ll be doing fellow curvy girls a big favor! Good luck, Emilie!


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