Mask house Diamond V Fit Mask + Aqua Pump Review

The YS Beauty Lab

The quest to look perpetually young and beautiful has given rise to fun and quirky Korean beauty products like snail secretion serums, oil gels, zombie masks, etc. This month, I tested a product that will help you achieve that V-shaped face you see on almost every K-pop diva. Bye-bye round face and double chin!

Korean brand Mask house’s Diamond V Fit Mask is a highly popular product here in Hong Kong, and is the only slimming mask certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration.

Claiming to reduce jaw width by 1cm after the first use, the sheet mask boasts three major functions through its special ingredients:

• BodyFit serum (slimming):
Converts fat into stabilized fibrous tissue
• Corum9235 (lifting):
A harmless heat-generating ingredient that stimulates the absorption of serum and helps reduce chin fat
• Q10 Coenzyme (moisturizing):
Activates cells and serves as an anti-oxidant while defending skin against aging, uneven skin tone and wrinkles

The beautiful package comes with 5 sheet masks, an elastic slimming band, a paper measuring tape and detailed instructions hidden between the two boxes. I cleansed my face and measured the original width of my chin which was 27cm.


Then I placed the serum-soaked mask on my chin, with the bigger section on the chin and the smaller section on the upper neck. I soon felt a burning sensation. Seriously, if I hadn’t read reviews in advance and learned that these irritations weren’t harmful to my skin, I would have immediately stopped using it! Well, we all know that beauty comes at a price.

Next is to “tie up” my face with the slimming band. I fixed the band on my chin, pink side facing out. There were two ear loops which fit perfectly, and a Velcro closure on top which may be a bit tight for some. I only hope I didn’t look like Bane or Hannibal Lecter!

I released the band after 40 minutes, during which I could talk normally but not shout. The prickly feeling was gone once I removed the mask. Then I measured my jaw width again and guess what? There wasn’t any marked difference immediately. But then I realized I have a narrow chin and there really isn’t much fat or water to burn, so I can only hope that it works for people who are actually suffering from lymph stagnation or double chin. Face slimming is no easy task – you’ll have to try everything.

I admit the mask is a bit pricy, especially when you are supposed to use it 3 to 4 times a week. However, Mask house is on sale right now so you can get 22% off the original price. The refill pack that contains 5 masks as well as the trial pack that includes one slimming band and one mask are also on sale. Grab them now!

Compared to the Diamond V Fit Mask, Mask house’s Aqua Pump is a less exciting but nonetheless useful product. Pack size is 100ml and you can use it as a moisturizer, considering that it contains ceramide 3, a powerful moisturizing ingredient extracted from yeast. Simply apply the semi-translucent cream on the face and it will release tiny water droplets that are readily absorbed into the skin within 2 to 3 seconds.

At 22% off, I’d say it’s worth a try. Just don’t apply it to sensitive or broken skin for it does have a prickly sensation.