My Favorite YesStyle Buys for 2014

I just realized that I’ve never written about my YesStyle purchases before. I’m usually satisfied with the products I review for The YesStyle Beauty Lab and the other beauty stuff like facial washes and primers that I buy for personal use.

Among my purchases this year are clothes and shoes (yay!). The truth is, as a pear-shaped woman with larger-than-average feet for a petite (US 8.5 to 9), it is hard to find my sizes on YesStyle. I’ve been lucky in the past. But this year, YesStyle added tons of brands to its line-up, many of which have larger size options.

I won’t be listing every single thing I bought, but just my favorites.

To the Batwing!
I mostly prefer elbow-length to long sleeves with my tops and shirts. I have broad shoulders, or as one Ask Nikki reader describes them, “man shoulders.” Batwing sleeves (also called dolman sleeves) are something I like to wear year-round because they’re less restricting around the shoulders and upper arms unlike typical short sleeves. They also look a little more dressy so they’re perfect with jeans, shorts or even dress pants. The Dani Love top I bought has a V-neckline, which I love, and drop-shoulder sleeves that were also highly popular on YesStyle.

My first pair of slip-ons ever!
The slip-on sneaker trend really took off this year but it took me a while to settle on a pair. I wanted something light, comfortable and yet still chic, and these Portovelo Tweed Chic Parisian Tweed Slip-Ons were the perfect fit. They’re my size with a classy tweed pattern in basic black and white that works with every season. The bonus is that they make my feet look smaller.

Necessity is the mother of, well, necessity
Having lived in the tropics for most of my life, I considered scarves and winter hats simply accessories. It wasn’t until I experienced wind shear, below-zero temperatures, and my teeth chattering while visiting family in the US a few years ago, that I finally gave in to wearing (borrowed) hats and thick scarves for the rest of my trip. Last week, I bought a cute beanie from Thantrue and a thick multicolored infinity scarf from Baimomo. Both items were in YesStyle’s Ready-to-Ship section so I snapped them up quickly. I’m not used to having my head covered (I don’t like hat hair) and actually had to seek advice from friends on how to wear my beanie without looking like a sad clown. Fortunately, they came to my rescue and now I think I can wear my hat with a little more confidence.

Moisture indulgence
My colleague Maureen gave a glowing review of Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel for The YesStyle Beauty Lab last January. She kept a tub at her desk for the rest of the year which convinced me to try it for myself. Using the gel was a godsend during summer when the soaring temperatures and humidity levels left my face feeling parched. It was a relief to dab some on before I went to sleep and I could almost hear my skin saying “thank you.” Now that it’s winter in Hong Kong, I find it even more invaluable to keep dry skin at bay. Thank you Nature Republic!

Loving the concept of 3 Concept Eyes
I’m always on the lookout for great primers and I think I’ve finally found my HG (Holy Grail) of primers in 3 Concept Eyes’ Pore Silky Balm. As of this writing, it’s just been freshly re-stocked, proving just how popular it is. The balm comes with its own spatula but I prefer to use a sponge and the tin has lasted me months. My other new favorite from this brand (which is among YesStyle’s top beauty brands) is the Fabric Refresher Mini Kit. The set of five small bottles works as both a room spray and fabric freshener, and comes in five scents of snow linen, soap, floral cotton, baby and classic. None are too cloying and I often use it to remove the smell of my commute from my body or when I feel like my little flat needs a dose of freshness.

What are your favorite YesStyle buys of 2014?

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