Trendspotting | The Seduction Game

Christmas is in a week’s time! Are you ready for it? In addition to celebrating with your family and acquaintances, it’s also a golden opportunity to meet someone special. Just think of all the new people you’re going to meet, or that countdown party which your secret crush will also attend. Are the butterflies already invading your stomach?

The laws of attraction apply to everyday life, but it is especially significant during social gatherings. Despite the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” here are a few suggestions on outfits and manners that might help boost your attractiveness index:

If you’re a girl:x

Which kind of sexiness would you prefer? (Images: Uptown Magazine/ Marie Claire/ WENN)

1. Long wavy hair
A side-part, armpit-length wavy hairstyle is the safest and easiest way to pull off feminine allure. Simply tuck one side of your hair behind your ear and leave the other side flowing on your shoulder. Use argan oil to smooth your locks.

2. Eye contact
“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” That saying proves true no matter the occasion. Make your eyes sparkle by applying gleaming eye shadow over your eyelids and the inner corners of your eyes. Look into his eyes during conversations to show that you’re interested. But don’t stare!

3. Red lips + a smile
Smile! That’s the best “makeup” you can put on for sure. Use matte red or plump nude lips to look tempting.

4. Subtle sexiness
Be it off-shoulder, see-through or bare-back, try to limit the sexy elements in your outfit to just one or two. Avoid clothes that are too tight. Remember, parties are all about chillaxing!

5. Fitted underwear
Having the perfect lingerie means winning half the game. I’m not asking you to wear a corset, but a waist shaper would help conceal your belly (and prevent you from eating too much). Just make sure it stays hidden and seamless beneath your outfit.

6. Mini skirt + tights
Look sexy and cute in a patterned mini skirt and sheer black tights. Alternatively, wear a suit jacket, leather short shorts, tights and brogues for a trendy look.

7. Stilettos/ Slingbacks
A sleekly tailored pair of stilettos or slingbacks is a thing of beauty in itself. Don’t go rocket high or chunky – 2 to 3 inches are good enough.

8. Whisper
Lure him to get physically closer to you by whispering – as if you’re telling a secret. Depending on the situation, you might want to flirt using a sentence or two.

If you’re a guy:

1. Cologne
Grooming can be even more important than your outfit! Make sure you’ve shaved and properly cleaned your face. Whiten your teeth and use mouthwash. Apply deodorant and your favorite cologne – probably one with a woody scent to play safe.

2. Hair
I know a lot of guys love hair wax but they tend to clog hair in the long run. Try using hair spray or gel and see if you like it.

3. A flat belly
A beer belly tends to turn girls off. Use a waist shaper for now and work harder to achieve that six-pack body in 2015.

4. Fitted pants
Korean guys love skinny pants because they make one look young and chic. But of course, you should still be able to move around comfortably.

5. Dress shoes
Opt for dress shoes with slightly pointed toes, burnished toes or with a catchy texture (such as croc-grain) for a change.

6. Be a gentleman
Adhere to gentlemanly manners such as making sincere compliments, letting ladies go first, paying for drinks, etc., but don’t overdo it. While manners might work for many girls, some prefer a bad boy.

7. Good humor
Hold court with lighthearted jokes. You don’t have to act like a clown – just be yourself. Don’t be intimidated even if you’re being teased.

8. A little bit of touching
I don’t mean the obscene kind, but a little pat on the shoulders or a touch on the hands can be a romantic signal. She’ll withdraw if she’s not interested and do remember that “no” means “no.”

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