Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Review

The YS Beauty Lab

About a year ago, I finally came clean and accepted the fact that just like other women I am attracted to cute packaging on beauty products. Since then I’ve discovered other adorable additions that further fueled my newfound addiction. Oops.

My latest find is the Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask from Korean brand Elizavecca. I have to admit the catchy name initially caught my eye. If it hadn’t been included in YesStyle’s Beauty catalog, I would’ve thought “Elizavecca” was an Italian brand of olive oil or something. Throw in the “Milky Piggy” and I had visions of fat, pink porkers sporting shiny, oil-slathered skin, ready for frying.

The packaging didn’t disappoint. Both the box and the jar depict a whimsical cartoon of a pig with a face covered in what is probably the clay mask. Retailing for US$16.90, the 100g jar is hefty and comes with a screw-on lid, plastic cover and its own little plastic spatula. I’ve always preferred to use clean fingers but I discovered later on why, this time around, I needed that spatula.

“Bubble, bubble, my pore troubles …”
With apologies to Shakespeare, this was what was going through my mind as I prepared to try the clay mask. There are no instructions or product information in English on the box and I only had “carbonic acid and clay” and “bubbly” as my clues.

With this mask, a little goes a looong way. Thank goodness I decided to be sensible and use the spatula. You really only need perhaps 2 to four fingertip dabs (if using your fingers) or about 2 to 3 small scoops of the spatula to cover your face. After spreading it on, the mixture immediately changed from dark to a medium gray and tiny bubbles started to dot the surface. I accidentally applied a little more on my chin and nearly panicked when the foam started spreading towards my lips. So resist the urge to heap dollops of it on your face or you will end up looking like a swamp monster and scaring yourself silly.

Rinse it off, not shake it off (sorry, Taylor)
Unlike the usual clay masks I’ve tried, this one didn’t harden. It continued to lighten in color and while I could actually feel it thicken a bit on my skin, I couldn’t detect any other sensation. In about five minutes, the mask had covered my forehead and T-zone and I was laughing at my reflection in the mirror. You need warm water to rinse this off and even then, I needed to use a little foaming facial cleanser to remove the residue stuck to my hairline and the sides of my nose.

My face felt clean and I also noticed that it looks firmer. According to other reviews, the product claims to clean out pores to prevent clogging and also dry out blemishes, so it’s ideal for oily and combination skin types. The latter seems to be true as some of my acne spots seemed to be less red and just slightly smaller than before. There was also a subtle chemical smell when applying but it immediately dissipated and was hardly noticeable.

Except for the lack of English information, I couldn’t find any fault with this clay mask. It scores high on the cute packaging, bang for your buck and skin benefits. Definitely worth the toil and bubble!

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