Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream Review

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Over a year ago, I tested and wrote about my experience with the Missha Vita BB cream. The results weren’t exactly what I’d hoped for but that didn’t prevent me from continuing the search for what I could consider as my HG (Holy Grail) of BB creams.

Enter Korean brand Lioele’s Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF 30 PA++. It’s earned many reviews on YesStyle which prompted me to buy and test it for myself.

Like many Korean BB cream brands, Triple the Solution only comes in one shade, which is a lighter shade of beige than my face. I was afraid of turning into “a whiter shade of pale” like with my last BB cream, but I read in the customer reviews that this particular BB cream should at least be close to one’s natural skin tone. My skin tone is more of a medium beige but I have blemishes due to adult acne, so I really want a BB cream that will provide adequate coverage without making my skin break out again.

Triple the Solution BB Cream does have a lot going for it, and right on top is the SPF 30 PA++. Some makeup brands only carry an SPF 15 rating so an SPF 30 is already worth a lot. Its other ingredients include hyaluronic acid and yogurt which help skin stay moisturized and healthy. Among the cream’s other claims are whitening and wrinkle-reducing benefits but I think that’s really due to the SPF 30.

The 50ml tube comes with a pump nozzle which I liked because I tend to squeeze with a heavy hand and thus end up wasting a lot. The nozzle only dispenses a really small amount but since the BB cream is thick, a little goes a long, long way. One regular pump yielded a pea-sized dot on my fingertips, which was enough to cover my entire face, plus a little bit extra to dab over my blemishes for further concealment.

Because the cream only comes in one shade, I decided to mix a little liquid foundation in to make it look more natural. It worked, and with just some concealer for my dark under-eye circles plus a quick dab of pressed powder to seal everything in, I was finally set.

Having forgone my usual sunscreen and primer to test the efficacy of this BB cream, I was quite conscious of it sitting on my face the whole time. It survived my morning walk to the office, a little sweating, and nearly 6 hours before the sheen on my forehead and nose became really noticeable. Only then did I decide to blot and reapply powder on my face. If it were summer, I think it would not have turned out so well.

At US$26.91 for a 50ml tube, people might find this a little pricy. But do I like this BB cream? Yes, I do. I only needed a really small amount and that means the tube will last me for months. Its consistency is more similar to liquid foundation and I think that’s why the coverage was good enough for me. I find it surprisingly adequate for the coverage I wanted although I still needed to use some concealer and powder. Despite the fact that it’s available in only one shade, I managed to find a workaround — though it may not be as easy for those with more tanned complexions.

Is this my HG BB cream? Not quite but it sure comes close!

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