Nikki’s Inbox: Look Girly Minus the Skirts and Dresses

I need a little advice as I am not a girl who is greatly considered feminine. If anything, I come across as a tomboy as all I wear is skinny jeans, graphic tees, hoodies and canvas shoes. The thing is, I want to be more feminine without having to wear skirts or dresses, although I’d be willing to try wearing dresses, etc.

Everyone tells me I have a good figure — most say I have an hourglass figure, and that I should take advantage of it. So I think it’s time for me to get out of my comfort zone and try some new styles.

Thanks in advance,

Jordan, 16/United Kingdom

A month back, I gave similar advice to Emily who was pretty much in the same situation as you are. The point is, Jordan darling, you don’t have to wear dresses and skirts just to look feminine. There are days when I myself don’t feel like wearing anything girly at all and just want to be in jeans for weeks. It’s a personal choice after all.

But I also applaud your way of doing it because you’re starting out step by step, and not suddenly doing a 180-degree turn and finding yourself quite out of your depth. And that’s what I’m here for!

Swap hoodies for trendy sweatshirts …
I’m not talking about the drab sack-like sweatshirts that you sometimes want to curl up into on lazy days, or the workout versions. This year, sweatshirts came back on the runway with an updated look: still sporty yes, but all glammed up. They now come textured, beaded, printed, dip-dyed and even with leather to start with but you’ll still feel comfortable for sure.

… And tailored outerwear
Upgrade your hoodies to something more definitive such as tailored coats and jackets. With your hourglass figure, Jordan, single- or double-breasted styles will work just as well and cinching them with a belt will show off your shape better. The timeless architecture of these pieces will also add a smart flair to your outfit, even if it’s just skinny jeans!

Pick peplum tops
Peplum tops don’t suit all shapes but they work on yours, darling! These tops have an extended hem (the peplum) that usually flares out, making it look fun and flirty while drawing attention to a slim waist. Peplum tops aren’t always formal-looking — sometimes they can look like a simple long-sleeved top but the addition of the peplum hem refreshes its look. Slim-fit pants or jeans work better with peplums to contrast the illusion of slender waist and hips.

Play with colors, patterns and accessories
Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a new and brighter color or two to the usual grays and blacks in your wardrobe (like mine) to spice up a boring outfit. You don’t have to stick to typically girly tones like pastels all the time, Jordan dear. For autumn, go for something bold like cranberry red, burgundy, hunter green and camel. Come winter, jewel tones like purple, emerald green and royal blue stand out. A few easiest ways to do it is by colored pants or scarves. Colored pants are no longer a trend but a staple these days and the sky’s the limit. The colors I mentioned evoke sophistication even if you pair them with just white or gray. Easy-peasy!

If you’re fond of wearing snapbacks, watches, bracelets and the like, then upping the girly ante on accessorizing shouldn’t be a problem for you. Even if you’re wearing a menswear-inspired outfit like a long-sleeved shirt, suspender pants and sneakers, adding a few feminine touches like a jeweled hair pin for your hair or a filigree cocktail ring already makes a difference. An animal print clutch or satchel upgrades the usual messenger bag or backpack on weekends while a simple polka dot scarf adds a fun element.

I hope my advice helps you, Jordan, and good luck to the new you!


PS. Dear readers, I’m bringing back “Show Your Closet!” Got a certain outfit or item of clothing that you have no idea how to wear, or what to wear it with? Send a photo of the clothes or outfit in question, and don’t forget to include a general description of your body type so I can give you a more specific solution!

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