Skin1004 Zombie Pack and Activator Kit Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I’ve never tried Halloween makeup before. The thought of all that heavy foundation, fake blood and thick eyeliner already makes my skin itch. But wouldn’t it be cool if there was a facial mask that helps nourish my skin while also creating an instant Halloween look?

For effective pore refining and skin firming, a fun facial experience plus dramatic makeup effects, I recommend the Zombie Pack and Activator Kit from Korean brand Skin1004. I hope you’re ready for some heart-stopping photos (especially the last one)!

If you’re wondering why the brand is called Skin1004, “1004” actually has the same pronunciation as the word “angel” in the Korean language. The mask is called “zombie pack” because it dries and tightens quickly after applying, forming white cracks around the drier areas of your skin, thus making you look like a zombie.

Open the large paper packet and you’ll see 16 single use powder packs, one bottle of liquid activator and a brush. The powder consists of nine organic ingredients including albumin, corn powder, aloe berry leafy extract and lavender oil, while the activator contains over 15 ingredients that work mainly on pore tightening and wrinkle care.

Gingerly, I unsealed one of the powder packs to reveal the fine and creamy powder. The smell, which resembles some almond drink or weird baby powder, may be off-putting to some but it didn’t really bother me. I cut open the seal on the activator (you’ll need a pair of scissors for this) and squeezed the transparent liquid into the powder pack until I dispensed enough liquid according to the nearest black line marked on the bottle. I divided the dosage into 3 to 4 squeezes, blending in the powder with the brush after each squeeze. It took around 5 minutes for the powder to blend in completely. The mask was ready!

Using the nose as the center, I applied the mixture onto my face and neck in outward, steady strokes, avoiding the brows, eyes and lips. If you’ve tried using egg white for your skin, I can assure you that it feels exactly the same but with a tighter feeling. The mixture dried up rather quickly, forming a hard, glossy layer.

After 5 minutes, my face and neck were petrified by the tightening effect. I looked into the mirror and saw cracks forming around my chin. I tried hard not to laugh to avoid spoiling the mask. This is the best time to freak out whoever’s in the house!

I let the mask sit for 10 more minutes, during which I couldn’t speak, move my neck or make any facial expressions. Then I rinsed it off with lukewarm water.

After the treatment, I could feel that my blemished skin was smoother, more tightened and refined. Some people might claim that you’ll need a moisturizing mask after the zombie pack but for me, it feels just perfect. I’d strongly recommend this zombie pack to people with pore problems, skin irritations or those wanting some skin firming. It tackles all those concerns, and the zombie transformation is too fun to be missed.

Before removing the mask, I tried to create as many cracks on my face as possible just to see how horrible it could look. The tightening effect was really strong so I did make an effort in moving my facial muscles. Here’s the picture. Don’t try this at home!

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