Kose Moisture Mild White Cream Review

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Adult acne is the pits, literally. While the pimples of my teenage years were easy to control, it was adult acne that really did a number on my face— that is, aside from a bout with chicken pox at 14 (just two weeks before my sister’s wedding, too). And because bad habits are hard to break, the dark scars that still adorn my jawline and cheeks require industrial-strength foundation and concealer to hide. That’s where my decision to try Japanese brand Kose’s Moisture Mild White Cream comes in.

In Fairness
Japanese women are known for having very fair and beautiful skin and Kose has been helping them via its cosmetics and skincare business since 1946. Their Moisture Mild White Cream contains high doses of Vitamin C which is known to help lighten skin and penetrate its deeper layers. I was pleased to see that the product is made without fragrances, colorants, mineral oils or ethyl alcohol.

True enough, upon opening the small 55-gram jar, I couldn’t detect any scent whatsoever. The cream is actually not that thick and is lighter in texture, which I prefer. A quick swipe on my inner arm to test for any adverse reactions showed me that it was light enough to be quickly absorbed by my skin.

The test was also necessary to see if the whitening cream would go well with the rest of my skincare regimen, which includes a daily application of a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream. Not all products I’ve used work well with this particular set but both this cream and Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum do. With no allergic reactions, I felt it was safe enough to integrate the whitening cream into my daily routine. I used two pea-sized dabs only on the dark spots of my face every morning and evening, which would make it easier for me to see whether or not the cream was effective.

The Verdict
After nearly a month of use, I’ve seen my acne scars lighten a little. They haven’t completely disappeared, though I know better than to expect overnight results. But I’m happy to report that I’m using less foundation and concealer. I’m pleased to see that even with just a thin layer of makeup, the scars underneath are less visible.

What I like best about the cream is its watery, lightweight texture, and that it never leaves any residue whatsoever. Making the cream part of my daily skincare ritual instead of merely a postscript ensures my skin will receive the treatment regularly. I also believe that using sunblock regularly bolsters its efficacy.

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with the improvement I’ve seen so far. This is definitely the start of something good.

Kose Moisture Mild White Cream comes in a 55-gram jar and retails for US$17.

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