Kao Steam Eye Mask (Chamomile) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

Like the rest of my generation, I’m used to bringing my mobile phone to bed when it’s time to sleep. Even when the lights are out, my laptop screen remains turned on, and when the laptop screen is off, my mobile phone screen is on. This “sleeping prelude” can last for 30 minutes to an hour.

So I couldn’t be happier when I received the Kao Steam Eye Mask from our Beauty Section merchandiser. The truth is, I can endure dark eye circles but I can’t afford being late for work or dozing off during meetings!

The steam eye mask is nothing new and there are other brands that offer something similar, but I chose Kao since it’s a well-established brand and reviews about their steam eye masks have been consistently good.

There are currently seven varieties of Kao Steam Eye Masks available from YesStyle: Chamomile, French Rose, Lavender, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Mint (targeted for men) and Unscented, so feel free to choose your favorite scent.


Each box comes with five individually-wrapped eye mask pieces and there are instructions on the package on how to use the masks. Tear one open and you’ll see a…sanitary pad? Honestly it’s kind of funny when you think about using a sanitary pad on your face. But when you’re almost ready to sleep, who cares what your eye mask look like? Besides, its similarity to a pad simply means it’s hygienic and comfortable to wear.


The cottony mask heated up once out of the package, so I had to act fast. I swiftly tore along the perforation in the middle and looped the ear “hooks” around my ears, white side facing inward and notch pointing downwards. I loved the stretchable ear hook design since it secures the position of the mask and isn’t restrictive (even though you’re supposed to stay still and relax).

The scent is not the best but it definitely helped calm me down. The heat is supposed to reach 40-42 degrees Celsius, though I felt like I could withstand a higher temperature. It’s recommended to keep the mask on for 10 minutes and I used it for exactly that amount of time, though I could’ve used it longer, say eight hours of good sleep.

The heat dissipates within 20 minutes, which guarantees that it won’t burn your eyes while you sleep. The mask got slightly swollen after I used it like the heat packs you use during winter, and that’s normal.


After removing the mask, a faint trace of mist still remained around my eyes and I loved this feeling. Though my dark eye circles were still there and I wasn’t put to sleep (I was thinking about how to write this post during my luxurious 10 minutes), I felt soothed and rejuvenated. US$7.77 for five pieces is an affordable price for a pleasurable experience like this. I’ll probably be getting more of these lovely eye masks to relieve myself from tiredness and sleepless hours. Maybe I’ll bring a few pieces with me when I travel too!