Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum Review

The YS Beauty Lab

Innisfree is a reliable favorite of mine. I’ve tried the Jeju volcanic pore clay mask and the Eco Science Serum, and was pleased with both. This time around, the head of our Beauty section recommended I try the Green Tea Seed Serum.

Green tea apparently has a lot of benefits. Aside from being a caffeine alternative to your usual cup of joe, green tea is rich in anti-oxidants that help skin remain moisturized, supple and healthy. The Green Tea Seed Serum includes organic green tea and green tea seeds harvested from Jeju Island, giving skin a dewy glow. I will gladly take “dewy” over “sweaty” any day, especially in the heat of mid-summer Hong Kong.

Like the other Innisfree serum I road-tested before, the Green Tea Seed Serum is more watery/runny than thick. I like this better since it feels less sticky and more ideal during very humid weather. The gel-like texture applies smoothly to my skin and has a faint yet pleasant citrusy scent. The pump bottle includes a cap that prevents any fluid from leaking out, which makes it more convenient to pack into your toiletry kit when travelling.

I put on most of my skincare products like eye cream and hydrating moisturizer at night so they can work while I’m asleep, and also so I won’t feel self-conscious about them. I used the serum followed by my moisturizer for one week to see if I’d wake up looking like a fresh-faced goddess. Fresh-faced? Looked like it, in my opinion. Goddess? Not really. However, my skin felt softer than usual, even after splashing it with water.

I also used the serum during the daytime for another week. For me, this was the ultimate test: combining the serum with heat, sweat, makeup, the works. I’ve had serums and moisturizers that didn’t work well with my sunscreen or with my makeup, making it cake. As soon as I apply my sunscreen on top of a new moisturizer, I can usually feel if the two won’t mix. I’m happy to say that the Green Tea Seed Serum played nicely with the rest of my skincare and makeup products. It’s light enough to not weigh my skin down too much and my skin was certainly less oily during the day.

So is this my Holy Grail (HG), as a lot of beauty bloggers say, when it comes to serums? Did it magically make me look five years younger? I’ve yet to see as I’ve only been using it for a month. At almost US$35 for an 80ml bottle, it might be considered rather pricey. I’m not one to expect miracles in a bottle, but the best thing I like about the Green Tea Seed Serum is that it’s so light and works beautifully with my current anti-acne skincare regimen. If you have dry skin, you may also need to use moisturizer but the serum itself is a good moisturizer substitute for my combination skin. Innisfree never disappoints!