Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions (Hot Pink BB Cream) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

Don’t laugh, but this is the first time I’ve ever tried BB cream. I know BB cream has become the beauty staple for a lot of Asians, yet I’ve been too lazy to try something new since my current primer and foundation have seemed satisfactory. But now, I’m going to see how this customer favorite works on my extremely sensitive and blemished skin.

Skin79’s BB cream is one of the most popular BB creams among Korean brands, and it’s a runaway bestseller on YesStyle. There are currently four types of Skin79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream available on YesStyle, Hot Pink, Orange, VIP Gold and Green. They differ slightly in terms of shade, SPF strength and function. I tried Hot Pink with SPF 30 PA++, which serves three major functions: whitening, UV protection and wrinkle prevention.

The BB cream comes in a shiny pink bottle with a golden pump. The words “BB” and “Skin79” are holograms, and there’s a QR code on the paper package in case you want to make sure the product is authentic.

Thank goodness that there was no irritation when I tried it on my face. I padded it on my darker acne scars first before spreading it out with my fingertips using circular movements. The cream was remarkably smooth, light and thin. The coverage was natural and satisfying – it was able to mask the less serious acne scars and lighten the darker ones. The cream also has a matte finish, making it particularly suitable for oily or combination skin types and in the summertime. Don’t rely on it for heavy coverage, as it’s meant to serve as both a moisturizer and a primer instead of purely a makeup product.

My only concern is the chalk-white color of the BB cream. Though it claims to oxidize and settle into a natural skin tone shortly after applying, the whiteness still looks quite obvious when I compare it to my neck. In addition, the cream is meant to prevent but not cover wrinkles, so don’t rely on it for total coverage. If you’ve an obviously darker complexion like me, I’d strongly recommend using this BB cream as a primer and then apply your own shade of powder foundation. Not only does this solve the skin tone and wrinkle issues, it also allows the BB cream to stay put for the whole day.

All in all, Skin79’s Hot Pink BB Cream is worth the deal at US$29.97 for 40g. It’s outstandingly refined, light, non-greasy, non-sticky and non-irritating. Just remember to finish with a powder foundation that suits your own skin color and remove it with cleanser the way you would for any other makeup or sunblock.

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