Tony Moly Eggpore Shiny Skin Soap Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I’m an avowed fan of Korean brand Tony Moly, but not so much of plain old soap, so I was on the fence when faced with the brand’s Eggpore Shiny Skin Soap. But once again, overwhelmingly positive reviews tipped the scales, and that’s how my roommate ended up asking me which supermarket was selling eggs by the pair.

In true Tony Moly fashion, the packaging is adorable. The egg carton contains two handmade egg-shaped soaps. The white one is for morning use and the brown one is for nighttime. The soap eggs are individually wrapped in plastic, which is easy to remove. To me, each soap egg has a slightly different scent. The white one has a slight cottony fragrance while the brown one has a hint of shea butter. The egg carton is not waterproof, although a splash of water here and there won’t wilt the carton. I keep it on my vanity and reach for it from the shower.

The soap promises to clear out pores and make them appear smaller with long-term use, as well as diminish sebum production. The white one brightens the complexion, while the brown one tightens and refines the skin. The soap lathers up easily, and there’s no doubt these will last for quite some time. At US$12.90, it’s quite the deal, considering just how much it does for the skin.

I agree with online reviewers that, like most soap, this product does dry out the skin. I haven’t used soap as a facial cleanser in years, but I’m pleasantly surprised how little it actually dries out my skin. That being said, I hate that stretched-out, prickly feeling of dry skin, so I usually follow the soap with an Innisfree mask or aloe gel. In the morning, Clinique’s SPF 30 Face Cream usually does the moisturizing trick.

I’ve been using the soap for about a month now, and I really like it. I could see my skin start to improve! The soap effectively reduces redness and clarifies skin. I can also see that dark spots are beginning to lighten, which is undoubtedly my favorite thing about this product. My skin looks and feels less oily as well. The nighttime soap also washes away makeup effectively. Now I don’t usually follow up with makeup remover anymore. The soap is quite gentle and mild, so it would probably work well on sensitive skin as well. Overall, Tony Moly’s Eggpore Shiny Skin Soap definitely delivers on its promises, and I’d readily recommend it to anyone hesitant about going back to soap.

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