I Love Yo! ALL-IN-1 Yogurt Cleanser (Aloe) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

My experience with the I Love Yo! aloe yogurt cleanser started on a hilarious and slightly embarrassing note. Just believe me when I say never place your yogurt makeup cleanser next to an actual tub of yogurt. Good thing I caught my mistake in time.

The I Love Yo! ALL-IN-1 Yogurt Cleanser is indeed a makeup remover and facial cleanser. It looks like yogurt, and even has a sweet milky scent, but it’s definitely not for eating. Available in three “flavors”(milk, strawberry and aloe), the I Love Yo! cleanser series promises to remove all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner, from your face in just one minute. According to the product information, it doesn’t contain any alcohol, antiseptic, petrochemicals, parabens or PEG (polyethylene glycol) and is also FDA-certified. This is certainly a good thing as it never hurts to be a little more conscious about what products we use on our skin.

The tub includes a tiny spatula that you can use to scoop up the cleanser, instead of using your fingers. It’s rather small and easy to lose so unless you prefer to use your fingers to apply, I suggest not removing the foil cover so you can keep the spatula underneath the lid.

The cleanser itself has a creamy texture, although not as smooth as real yogurt. It really feels like a gentle scrub more than anything else. It’s thick enough to stay put on your face and also has moisturizing properties so it can also double as a quick facial mask.

While it claims to clean the face and remove makeup in one minute, I wasn’t really up to zipping through my cleansing routine in 60 seconds. There’s a Zen quality to my facial cleansing ritual that I enjoy. By taking my time to remove all that gunk on my face, I’m also mentally washing away the stress of the day and prepping myself to wind down for the evening.

I wear the bare minimum of makeup (sunblock, concealer, BB cream and a very thin layer of foundation) and even then, I’m surprised at the amount I managed to wipe off with a cotton pad before rinsing away. It goes without saying that if you go through the whole hog of makeup everyday, you may need a little more product to remove it and more than a minute to take it all off. Just be careful not to put too much around the eye area to avoid getting some into your eyes.

At approximately US$19 for a 90g tub, the cleanser is not exactly cheap but to me, its benefits far outweigh the price tag. It leaves my face looking and feeling clean and refreshed without that dry, tight feeling that’s usually the case with other facial washes I’ve used. The subtle sweet scent quickly dissipates and even better, my skin had no adverse reaction to the ingredients. I can’t think of a better way to pamper my skin at the end of every working day.

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