3 Concept Eyes Jumbo Lip Crayon (Popping P) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I was really excited when YesStyle started carrying Korean brand 3 Concept Eyes, because the brand knocks it out of the park, color-wise. From yellow lip pigment to shocking blue eyeliner, 3 Concept Eyes is certainly not afraid of color and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

I picked the brand’s Jumbo Lip Crayon, in a deep, bold fuchsia called Popping P. The name couldn’t be more accurate – be prepared to get a lot of second looks when you wear this color. The vividness makes it perfect when you want some color on your face but don’t want to put in a lot of effort, and it also goes well with a carefully thought out event look.

Obviously, I’m in love with the color, but there are several other points that make this crayon great. First off, I like that it has a matte finish. But as anyone who uses matte lip color knows, it can easily make lips dry and chapped. This crayon does not, thankfully, which is a huge bonus. Even better, the color lasts all day. Really – through drinks, dinner, or a long and tiring day. It was a small, happy surprise when I went to the restroom and saw that the color looked like it had just been applied.

The crayon retails for about US$18, which is not cheap. But due to the overwhelming pros and the fact that it’ll last a long time depending on how often you use it, I think the price is totally worth it.

To recap, the lip crayon meets and exceeds my requirements for good lip color: it lasts, doesn’t dry out my lips and looks amazing with minimal or a face-full of makeup. This is my first 3 Concept Eyes purchase but certainly not my last! I’m already eyeing the eyeliner and nail polish collections. The Jumbo Lip Crayon is a welcome addition to my purse and, all in all, a pleasant first experience with a new brand.

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