Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I usually don’t use primer unless it’s for the eyes, but the excellent reviews for Skinfood’s Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream sold me on it. I previously tried the brand’s Almond Moisture Nail Essence and I like the use of food in all their products. I figured I’d go in a new makeup direction while sticking to a brand that I like and trust.

As I expected, Skinfood didn’t disappoint. From the packaging to the product, I was impressed all around.

Through the looking glass. Superficially, I like that the primer comes in a glass jar, which I can reuse once empty. I’ll have to wait a while to recycle it, though, since the primer will easily last me several months. Between the screw-on top and cream itself, there’s a plastic lid to decrease the risk of contamination. Weirdly, I can’t detect the apple scent, but I do get a whiff of fresh sparkling water (does sparkling water have a scent?). The fragrance’s only noticeable if you put your nose right in it, and it doesn’t interfere with other applied scents.

The cream actually looks like and has the consistency of gel, which nearly made me think twice. Then I remembered how good Nature Republic’s aloe gel was and pressed forward. Much like the aloe gel, the primer absorbs really quickly into the skin, and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or heavy. The cream promises to keep skin matte as well as balance sebum production, and it delivers on both points.

Promises signed, sealed, delivered. Even after long days outside, my face feels fresher with the cream than with just foundation. Depending on how hot or humid it is outside, my face can still look shiny, but again, not nearly as much as without the primer. This product is marketed towards those with combination and oily skin. As I have combination skin, I can definitely say that the cream hydrates without going overboard and still keeps my foundation in place.

This pore cream is the perfect background player, keeping everything together while maintaining its invisibility. My makeup stays in place, my pores and shine are minimized, and I don’t feel or even think about it once it’s on. This product definitely knows how to do its job extremely well! The price of US$25.90 may seem a little steep, but considering how long it will last, and its fast and efficient delivery on all its promises, this jar is a worthy investment.