Nikki’s Inbox: Unleash your inner (G) Dragon

I recently fell in love with a pair of pants on YesStyle from the company deepstyle. They are the distressed skinny jeans with chains.

I love them because G-Dragon had a very similar pair of pants in his music video “Crooked.” I decided to buy them and I absolutely can’t wait to wear them. One thing that I am trying to figure out, however, is that in the pants they have a lot of open holes (without any shreds to cover up the skin from showing). My legs usually do not look good with any skin showing so I was wondering about some ways that I could go about trying to cover up the skin. Thank you! 😀

Tiberious, 22/USA

Tiberious, my man, if you admire G-Dragon’s style and went as far as purchasing that pair of pants, I don’t understand why you hesitate wearing it. You’ve seen that it’s designed to show a little skin so why not go with it? Fashion is all about personal style (case in point: G-Dragon) but it may also involve stepping out of your comfort zone. If you’re not yet ready to rock it, you can buy a pair with razored details instead of holey ones to maintain that edgy look.

Now that’s just for starters. If you really want to wear those distressed jeans and cover up, the only solution I can think of is to wear leggings. Yes, there are leggings for men. However, it might be rather uncomfortable as the pants have a skinny fit. While it’s still chilly, wearing leggings underneath the pants is a practical idea but come summer, it might be a different experience altogether.

You know what I really think, though? You should totally rock those distressed pants and embrace its edgy look to the fullest!

Juxtapose and strike a pose
Add an element of surprise to your outfit by contrasting the deconstructed look of these pants with something architectural and sharp, like a two-button boxy blazer and a classic white button-down shirt. Keeping to a monochromatic palette puts the focus squarely on the pants and its details. You can echo the chains on the pants with a zip-accent shirt or a brooch or two on a jacket. Finish with a traditional pair of brogues, a leather satchel and a scarf.

Pattern profusion and textural indulgence
Aside from the chain embellishments, these distressed pants also take on a rather artsy vibe thanks to the painterly tonal daubs on it. Take a leaf out of G-Dragon’s book and go for a visual overload of patterns or textures with your tops and outerwear. Animal prints, bold stripes and contrast colors are just a few options you can choose from. Throw in a boxy top or draped cardigan for an off-kilter ensemble. Finish with your choice of platform boots, fluorescent sneakers or colored lace-ups.

My last piece of advice for you, Tiberious, is to never be afraid to experiment. Only by doing so can you hone your fashion instincts and give each of your outfits your own unique stamp, instead of just merely copying of your favorite K-pop idol. Good luck!


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