Etude House Play Nail Color Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I decided to spoil myself with my latest purchase for Beauty Lab, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it! Here’s what I got, all from Etude House:

  • Five bottles of Play nail polish in purple, mint green, neon green, yellow and orange
  • Sweet Dot Stick
  • Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop
  • I’ve never used Etude House products before, but I love their packaging and the bright colors of the polish caught my eye at once. Learning nail art was one of the easier goals I planned for myself, and my first impression gave me more than enough reason to splurge.

    I grabbed an assortment of colors because Etude House offers so many textures. Each bottle is marked with a letter that corresponds to its type, like G for Glitter or P for Pearl. I got the yellow and mint in Jelly, orange in Paint, neon green in Neon (obviously) and the purple in Syrup.

    Nail color. Overall, I really like all the colors. The yellow, orange and mint are my favorites because of the texture. The orange went on easily and evenly, and I like how thick the Jelly variety is. It looks dense and heavy but doesn’t feel that way. I applied two coats each.

    The Neon description certainly doesn’t lie; this green looks like it could glow in the dark! The color’s a great and quick way to brighten up long weeks and cloudy days. However, the texture’s very thin. Even after a third coat, you can still see the difference between my nail bed and white nail.

    The Syrup purple is similarly thin. Unlike the neon green, it looks less transparent after a third coat. The purple is also the only one that looks a bit lighter on the nail than in the bottle, while the rest are true to color. I don’t know if this is a one-off or because it’s from the Syrup variety. The color is still pretty close though, so it didn’t bother me too much.

    Dot Stick. The Sweet Dot Stick can be used to apply thick or thin dots of contrast color on the nail, depending on which end you use. I stuck the end I was using into the color brush and then decorated my nail. I seemed to get too much or too little onto the dot stick, but the actual application was easy, if a bit tedious. Cleaning it off simply requires nail polish remover and a cotton ball.

    Top coat. Although the polish dries quickly enough on its own, I still finished by squeezing two drops of the Quick Dry Drop onto each nail. The dropper is a nice, easy alternative to yet another brush and is a snap to use. I was pleased to note that in addition to speeding along the drying process, it keeps its promise of adding shine to the nail.

    The YS Beauty Lab

    All in all, this was a good splurge! I’m totally satisfied with this purchase, and I’ll keep trying the thinner ones to see if they grow on me or if there’s something else I can do to thicken the application. Etude House has definitely jumped to the front of the queue of brands I’d like to try again.