LadyKin Twinklight Soft Foam Cleansing (Kiwi) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

Just after Lunar New Year, temperatures in Hong Kong suddenly dipped and I found myself longing for a whiff or taste of something sunny and tropical to get me out of my cold-weather funk. While browsing YesStyle’s Beauty department, I spotted LadyKin’s facial cleansers in mango, pomegranate and kiwi. I’ve tried other beauty products in the first two scents (flavors?) before so I went for th LadyKin Twinklight Soft Foam Cleansing in Kiwi. It can’t get more tropical than that, right?

The cleanser comes in the abovementioned scents and in two variants: foam and gel. The kiwi foam cleanser contains — what else — kiwi and pineapple extracts with “organic acids and vitamins” to supposedly help manage blackheads and pores, and also remove makeup.

LadyKin only launched in 2012 but it’s already becoming quite popular. One reason may be because of its very accessible price points. The tube is a hefty 100ml (3.34 oz) and is unbelievably priced at around US$7. Upon flipping open the cap, a strong fruity smell immediately greeted my nose. I mostly prefer unscented facial products or those with a subtler scent but I decided to wait until I’d actually used the cleanser to see whether the fragrance was acceptable or not.

A pea-sized amount of the foam quickly works up a lather, and what a lather it is! I’d previously squeezed too hard several times and ended up with more than I needed, so go gentle on the tube. The amount in one tube will definitely last you for some time if you do.

The more I used the cleanser, the more the smell got to me. It really is quite overpowering. Also, I worried that the ingredients that produce the kiwi and pineapple scents might not sit well with my skin. However, the product information does say it’s paraben- and mineral oil-free, which gave me some reassurance, and thankfully, my skin seemed to accept the cleanser. Unlike similar highly fragrant cleansers, my skin didn’t feel too dry or tight after washing. In fact, my face remained calm and less shiny for a few hours, even after applying moisturizer and sunblock.

I found myself liking this product more and more, kiwi or no kiwi.

Despite the cleanser’s claim to remove makeup, I find that using a proper makeup remover or wipes first is more effective. Other than that small quibble, after two weeks of daily use, the tube has earned an honored place on my bathroom counter. I alternate it with my other cleansers and whip it out when the longing for summer is particularly potent. Come to think of it, I might as well get the mango and pomegranate variants too and make a summer cocktail out of it, right?

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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