Lucky Trendy 3 Colors Nail Cocktail (INC586) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I thought I’d start the new year by immediately getting to my resolutions. One of the easiest on my list was learning nail art, and since I’m already familiar with Japanese brand Lucky Trendy, I decided to try out its 3 Colors Nail Cocktail and polish my skills.

For US$10, the cocktail includes three small bottles of polish. I was under the impression they’d be bigger, but I would’ve known better if I’d just paid closer attention. I chose the version including what looks like lemon yellow and mint green colors plus a bottle full of sparkly varnish. There are directions on the back of the package, but they’re all in Japanese. However, it’s not hard to decipher what to do since there are also illustrations. I did find watching the YouTube video on the product page helpful, especially for beginners.

I intended on applying a base coat first, but I somehow managed to knock over the bottle, which neatly split in two and spilled all over my floor. After cleaning the mess and calming down, I got back to business. I applied the lemon yellow color, which to my disappointment was more of a nebulous whitish color that takes several coats to look less transparent. The good things about this first color are 1) it dries almost immediately, and 2) it can be used as a subtle polish by itself or over a really shiny color to temper it. It’s good to know it’s versatile, but I really wish the color were closer to the soft lemon it looks like in the bottle.

Next was the mint green, which is true to color, thicker than the first layer, and takes longer to dry. I like this one a lot, and not just because it’s my favorite color. I like that this color is less transparent and seems to be of higher quality. The application process for these first two colors is also really easy. After waiting a few minutes for it to dry, I reapplied a bit of the first color to make the gradient design smoother, and then it was time for the sparkly bits.

This final bottle features the thinnest application brush, which I found quite annoying because you really have to swirl it around and dig in to get a few of the big sparkles rather than just a bunch of clear gel. I’d rather have to wipe off extra than keep reapplying. The sparkly final coat took the longest to dry, but it works well, and again, I like that this can be used as a top coat for other colors I have lying around or just on its own.

Overall, the price is great for what this package includes. One of the best things about the 3 Colors Nail Cocktail is that all the colors can be used together as intended, by themselves or with other colors. I’m still not too keen on the first layer, but between the mint and glittery coats and the versatility potential, there’s more than enough to justify the purchase.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab rating: *** (3 out of 5 stars)