Kao Liese Airy Style Blow-Dry Water Review

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It’s now 2014 and how’s my beauty routine? Practically the same. I still don’t wear a lot of makeup and my search continues for the Holy Grail of primers for my combination skin. I don’t believe in resolutions but I do want to get over my fear of using a lash curler, and learn how to properly apply eyeliner without turning into a raccoon in about five seconds flat.

In terms of hair care though, I’m okay with what I’ve been using so far: just shampoo and conditioner, plus a once-a-week clarifying rinse to remove build-up. I also tried the Tsubaki Damage Care Water Mist (White) to tame my frizzy/slightly wavy hair and to protect my locks from heat damage due to daily blow-drying. That bottle lasted six months (yay!). I was wondering if I should buy another but then I saw the Kao Liese Airy Style Blow-Dry Water. It seemed very similar to the Tsubaki one, so I decided to give it a try.

However, I think I should have read the name more carefully. I saw the words “blow dry” and “airy” and jumped to the conclusion that this would help tame my occasionally wild locks. When my order arrived, I realized to my chagrin that this product was specifically made for flat, limp hair to give it more volume. My hair already has enough volume to power a rock concert, so another amp, I mean, inch or two is quite unnecessary, thank you very much. But then Beauty Lab is meant to give readers an idea of how YesStyle’s beauty products work, and I would be remiss if I didn’t give this item a shot.

A New Liese on Hair Life?
A part of the Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series, the Airy Style Blow-Dry comes in a spray-nozzle bottle similar to the Tsubaki Water Mist. Whereas Tsubaki has a minimalist white design and packaging, Liese leans towards a more stylish and feminine aesthetic with its pink, white and black palette.

The Airy Style Blow-Dry is meant to give flat hair a lot of volume, which is best achieved by using a blow dryer. It apparently also prevents heat damage caused by too much blow-drying, which I found somewhat ironic. There’s also the claim that it contains “gentle, skin-moisturizing ingredients that don’t irritate the scalp,” but I’m unable to find any proper list of the ingredients on the Internet. I took it as a good sign then that my skin and hair had no adverse reaction whatsoever to this spray.

The Verdict
After nearly three weeks of spraying this on my hair, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should have gotten either the Frizz Free Styling Milk or the Straight Style Blow Dry Mist instead. My hair has a natural wave that, when left to air-dry, becomes curlier and more voluminous. I definitely didn’t need the added volume provided by the spray. In my second week of use, I dispensed with the blow dryer entirely to reduce the “big hair” effect, and just used my fingers to smooth my tresses down (contrary to the instructions to “tousle it”) but sadly, there was very little change.

Having learned my lesson about reading labels more carefully, the Airy Style Blow-Dry spray is still a great product to have in your haircare arsenal, especially if your tresses require a little more volume and body, which mine already has in spades. It certainly helps morning routines faster as you can simply spray this on dry or damp hair in the mornings, when hair is usually flat and straight, and then just fluff it up with your fingers.

There are more great things about this product. First, it has no distinct or overpowering fragrance so if you use heavily scented shampoos, conditioners or perfumes, be assured that this won’t overshadow those. Second, it’s very affordable at only US$11.40 for a 200 ml bottle and I bet it would last as long as the Tsubaki Water Mist. Third, the bottle is reusable. If you’ve resolved to adopt a more earth-friendly attitude this year, you can recycle the bottle, repurpose it as a sprayer for your plants, or reuse it for your DIY household cleansers, making the price truly worth it.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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