Kanebo Media Treatment Foundation SPF 20 PA++ (#03 OC-D1) Review

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Kanebo is one of the oldest Japanese brands on the market, and one that I’ve always seen on the shelves but was never curious enough to try. One reason was that I couldn’t find enough information in English about it and I’m always one for being informed – especially about what I put on my face. This month’s Beauty Lab pick gave me the chance to finally test one of its products. The chosen one is the Kanebo Media Treatment Foundation SPF 20 PA++ in #03 OC-D1 (if that didn’t make you out of breath, I don’t know what would).

Fifty Shades of Beige
I’m unfamiliar with how Kanebo labels its makeup so I was a little hesitant when I chose the #03 OC-D1 shade. OC apparently stands for “ocher,” according to what I found on the Internet. By its name alone, I knew this meant it had quite a yellowish tint to it, which is basically the opposite of my medium skin tone. On the Kanebo website (which is entirely in Japanese), four shades are listed for the Media Treatment Foundation, with OC-D1 and OC-E1 as the darker shades.

A quick swipe on my forearm revealed a near-perfect match to my skin tone, which frankly amazes me. Since I started wearing what little makeup I use, I’ve yet to find a foundation or powder shade that comes really close to my own skin tone. I seem to have found it.

As this foundation seemed light enough in texture to function as a pressed powder, I decided to apply it after putting on sunscreen, BB cream and concealer.

On a side note, my skin isn’t so perfect as to require very little makeup. I’m simply not fond of having too many layers on my face and I’m also too lazy to apply a lot of makeup in the morning.

The Verdict
As you can see from the photos above, the Kanebo Media Foundation worked flawlessly with the rest of my palette. I’m also happy to report that my skin didn’t have any adverse reactions (the Kanebo website states the product is fragrance-free) and that I didn’t have to blot and reapply as much with this foundation. This may have something to do with the cooler temps in Hong Kong but with my other powder foundation brands, I usually have to reapply in as little as two hours.

One trend I noticed with some popular makeup brands is that most compacts don’t come with a mirror or sometimes a sponge, and the compact is sold separately from the foundation cake itself. Not with this one. The Media Foundation comes in a rectangular compact with its own mirror and sponge, and there’s also a refill available for this particular shade. The Media Foundation retails for a very pocket-friendly US$12.

The limited color palette is the only downside I can think of for this product. So the question is: Am I buying this again? You bet!

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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