Lucky Trendy Rich Accent Eyelash (RAE 005) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I’ve never used fake eyelashes before, but I figured with Halloween around the corner, it was time to give them a try to see if they’d work with my costume and also everyday wear. YesStyle’s false eyelash catalogue includes neon versions, ones that look like feathers, and black ones in all lengths and thicknesses. The neon ones would be great for costume parties, but this time I decided to go with basic black for versatility. I chose Lucky Trendy’s Rich Accent Eyelash, which retails for US$8. I thought that was a little pricey for just one pair, but they are reusable.

Batting an eyelash.The eyelashes come in a small package that just contains the one pair, a 1-gram tube of glue, and directions in Japanese. Off I went to the Internet, where I learned several useful tips on how to apply the eyelashes. I checked to see if I needed to trim the eyelashes, but they didn’t extend the whole length of my lash line. Also, since the style of this pair was thicker at the end, it looked fine.

Next, I applied just a bit of the icy blue, slightly watery glue to the back of my hand, and ran the edge of the eyelash against it. I counted to ten, letting the glue dry slightly before applying it to my eyelash line. The instructions on the Internet advised me to apply the eyelash down from above rather than straight on for better placement along the lash line. This took several attempts – and a lot of cursing – but I eventually got close. This will definitely take more practice.

On and off. It was possible to see that I was wearing false eyelashes when I got up close and personal with the mirror, but this may have been due to my shaky hands rather than the eyelashes themselves. Once I applied mascara, the whole look became seamless, and eyeliner added some more drama. They felt a bit heavy for a few minutes, but I quickly became used to them and forgot about them until I looked in the mirror.

Taking them off was fine; I just applied some makeup remover to a Q-tip and ran it along the eyelash until it started to fall off. I did it again to make sure all the glue on my eyelids was gone, and cleaned the falsies one last time before storing them back in the box they came in.

Verdict. I wear contacts, so I don’t know how it’d go if I had to remove them in the middle of the day while wearing the eyelashes. If you’re a beginner, putting them on takes some effort, but taking them off is a snap, and it’s easy to forget about them when they’re on. Also, I don’t know just how many times I can reuse them safely, but there’s enough glue to last through several more applications.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ (4 out of 5 stars)

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