Kose Seikisho Cool Cleansing Gel Review

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I love all things minty. When I saw the word “cool” on Kose’s Seikisho Cool Cleansing Gel, I knew I had to give it a try-and-sniff.

Part of the Japanese brand Kose‘s skincare family, the Seikisho range is primarily focused on optimum skin cleansing and renewal, using a combination of Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts. Their Cool Cleansing Gel promises a brighter and smoother complexion using coix seed and melothria root extracts for whitening, angelica extract for brightening and Chinese quince extract to tighten pores.

At US$25 for 140g, it’s not exactly pocket-friendly but I have faith in the excellence of Japanese skincare and thus was persuaded to buy this.

Fight Oil with … Oil?
While I was primarily persuaded by its mentholated promise, I felt a little uneasy when I learned that the Cleansing Gel was actually oil-based. I haven’t jumped on the cleansing oil bandwagon because I’m still doubtful how one can fight oiliness with, err, oil. But as the Cool Cleansing Gel is meant to double as a makeup remover and do heavy-duty pore cleansing, I decided to go ahead and try it on a day when my face felt like a melting candle.

The instructions say to take an American quarter coin-sized amount (sorry, non-Americans, you will have to find an equivalent in your own currency) and apply on the face using fingertips. Imagine my surprise when what came out was more of a watery gel instead of oil, but a little massaging on my face transformed the emulsion into something more transparent with a slightly oily texture. The subtle mentholated sensation felt wonderfully tingly on my face. I felt like I was having my first taste of ice cold water.

Sure enough, all the makeup on my face started to come off as I continued to massage the gel. The medium consistency of the product was certainly doing its job!

The Verdict
Lured as I am by its minty-cool goodness, the gel is not enough to thoroughly get rid of all the makeup on your face. I used a cleansing wipe after washing the gel off and there were still traces of makeup left. I could also feel a slightly thin and greasy residue on my face that I attributed to the gel-to-oil transformation. I decided to rinse my face again using my trusty oil-free facial wash.

After such a thorough cleansing, my skin was all tingly and a little pink, stimulated by the cooling properties. I plan to continue using this product – with a lesser amount to avoid over-greasing – to see whether it will really have a better effect on my pores. The Seikisho Cleansing Gel may be appropriate for people with normal to dry and combination skin, but it’s not for oil-prone types. Meanwhile, it will have to alternate with my other makeup-removing products.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★

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